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Hello, hello fellow duuudes it's been a while.
It's May already, time's racing as always.

I'm pretty much back in Germany and into my student life which sucks hairy balls, but oh well. What needs to be done has to be done, I think.
Uni started about a month ago and apart from being stressful and stupid non-realistic as always, I think it will be kinda manageable. Let's see.

Today I had the chance to enjoy some little hanami picknick here in Leipzig. In front of the Grassi museum we have a little sakura tree complex inmidst of the busy streets. Interesting point for a chill out.
And so Eric, Stephan (and later on Ms M.) did.

I was in a lemony mood yesterday, so I made some lemon cake and lemonade.
Yum yum.


pink close-up. :D

Branches... and sun, as always.

I forgot my camera, so I can only offer poor quality mobile phone shots, but oh well.
Unfortunately the cherry blossoms were already falling again and it may have been one of the last chances to see the trees all in pink.

We had some nice talk about anime, games, supermarkets and people's stupidity.
And ... some fresh air and sun. I used loads of sun block because after my sunburn I got in Hakuba I'm even more afraid to burn my skin. >_<"

Next week's Thursday I have to give my presentation in Japanese. I wanna talk about LGBT (female point of view) in Japan. The sources are pathetic.. buahahaha but hey, I will make it. ^^° I have to.

12th May will be my 2nd LARP debut.
Gonna get the sisters of love/lust and general awesomeness aka uber whores project started with [ profile] decembersong. We will have so much fun (and earn sooo much money!) It's a tavern convention, so I expect at least 60% of the male characters to be drunk and willingly to pay hilariously high amounts of money on a little talk with a classy bitch like me. XD"
I promised myself to sew the dress and the corselet for her in the days after some time spent on my presentation. Need to give myself some candy after work, otherwise I won't work until I the last day. Hrm hrm.

I'm so much in mood for cosplay lately.
We started preparing for next year's big Sailor Moon event at Leipzig's book fair.
If anyone of you is interested in participating, we're still hiring! xD
I'll annoy everyone with my evil laugh dressed up all in green:

Yay, Esmeraude! This will be so much fun.

Before I start the real big project a.k.a. Integra F. W. Hellsing @_@

I will die for that one, cause sewing suits is madness!
Therefore I'll need some more practice since I paused for one year.

So apart from sewing LARP stuff and Esmeraude I wanna make another Nami cosplay... she has dozens of awesome outfits, so I don't know yet which it'll be in the end, but I definitely need to do another One Piece thingy.
After 10 years including pauses over months I'm finally up-to-date with the anime. WTF. 545 episodes so far. Insane! But it's still good and Nami is still my favourite, so... no choice here. xD"

At a random note aside from that I started goin to a fitness center. Tomorrow will be my first day as an official member, cause the trial period is over.
It's 16,99 € per months which is affordable. Got a training plan for the whole body so far and I feel it's helping me to relax and lose some stress (and stay in good shape, yay!).
So the only thing missing here is a fuckin job. Couldn't go back to my old uni job because they don't get enough money for the project, so I have to find another one. Since summer season is starting soon all the restaurants, bars and ice cafés are hiring, but I need a job that has a good pay otherwise it's kinda 無駄 (pointless!!! hah... took me minutes to figure out the English counterpart)  to work at all. I need at least 400€ to survive, but actually I want more, cause I wanna save up for the next Japan ticket. Meh.
Money sucks. :(

That's it for today.
Will see, when I can post again.
If everyhting works out as I plan, I'll show you my presentation on prezi (will have to translate it, though, cause I assume only few of you can read Japanese lol).
Take care!

Date: 2012-05-01 08:52 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] sandra scheffel (from
warum brauchst du einen job zum überleben?
bekommst du kein studenten-bafög?

Date: 2012-05-02 02:16 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
Ich krieg nix. Deswegen brauch ich Arbeit.
Aber ich hab vorhin nen Anruf bekommen, dass ich nächste Woche ein Vorstellungsgespräch habe.

Date: 2012-05-02 03:31 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] sandra scheffel (from
das ist ja total doof.
ich dachte,das jeder student bafög bekommt,der aus hotel mama rausgezogen ist wegen der uni.

ich würds schade finden,wenn du wegziehn würdest -.-


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