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Ja, ja, ja ich bin wirklich schwerst untröstlich liebe Lesenden, dass es mich nahezu Äonen gekostet hat, diesen Eintrag zu präsentieren.
Schlimmer noch, bei vielen Ereignissen kann ich mich nicht mehr ans Datum erinnern, oder an wichtige Nutzlosdetails, die das Ganze versüßen würden.
Grohoßes Sorrey schon vorab, aber nun kommt endlich mal wieder was mit Gehalt und so. (Auch wenn's kein Geld ist.)

Is viel, mit Bild und Text und so. Also nimm dir Zeit und mindestens 3 Bier zum Lesen. :D )
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... weil mir die Fotos fehlen und ich ohne Fotos nicht schreiben will, gibt es dieses kleine Video mit Gelaber und verrutschendem Shirt nur für euch exklusiv aus dem schwülwarmen Onnason.

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Hier kommt's Kinder, alles im Lot.

Für diejenigen, die noch nicht von Twitter zugespammt worden sind und sich das Elend dennoch mal ansehen wollen:
Hier der morgendliche Rant über das Bisschen Taifun, das uns grad die Ohren wacklig wedelt.
Ja, schlechtes Mikro, ja, es klingt, als hätte ich nen Sprachfehler,
JA, schenkt mir tausende Euro, damit ich mir Profi-Equip leisten kann. Danke. :D

Hier gibt's den ganzen Kram )


Jul. 19th, 2010 12:54 am
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Weeks and weeks without an entry, and now I'm spamming your f-lists.
Sorry... ;D

Today I started playing Assassin's Creed. Got the first part from a friend and decided to play it before dealing with the second one. Guess it's better to do so, since there's reference to the first one...
I'm still having problems with the controlling, but I hope that'll get better soon. It's been a while since I played games on computers. Having a controller is quite another thing.

Hah.. this evening should've been a nice one, bbq with the Latin-group in a little kind of park near Kristin's home.
All was fine.. until the twilight came.

Yes, I am deadly afraid of those damn fuckin oh my god I hate you so much cockchafers (Mai- bzw Junikäfer).
And yes I thought the hard part was over since the night at the Völkerschlachtsdenkmal when there were pretty much.
But today... holy shit, I never saw this many of them.

And I know that this is bullshit but it seemed they'd been chasing only me.
The last times I've been running from them and yeah, sometimes I screamed, too.
But.. oh fack, today I thought I was dying. Literally.

I screamed and cried and ran from them.
Guess I had a fit.
I couldn't breathe properly and started choking.
And I screamed, screamed, screamed.

I donnu how long it took my friends to realize, that my  begging for "Help, help HEEELP" was real.
Seemed like forever... maybe it was an hour? I donnu.

I'm sorry when I creeped you out, but it never was that hard to deal with it.

Those fuckers don't realize that we are human, they think we're trees. Oh well, I don't care. I don't want to see them, to hear them and holy shit not to feel them.

I really fuckin thought I was going to die.
Donnu if this fit was caused by my current psychological instability, but the ugliest thing was, that no one came to help me.

Yes, the last time I scolded one of them, because he was laughing and I thought he meant it in a bad way, but holy fack I was screaming for help like someone who's about to be assassinated and still nobody seemed to care.
Until I "please, please, please"d and finally Anna and Sophie came.


I'm sorry if I scared you or anything, but the next time, pls hold me and put me to the ground.. it would be okay to even tackle me down.
But I don't want to run around like the insane bastard I was tonight feeling as if everything's going to end.

Shit. I mean it. Holy shit.

I needed like another hour to calm down completely.
Thomas said I must have lost like hundreds of calories... haha I could think of quite a better way to do sports.
I don't want to experience that again. Never ever again.

Well that's pretty it.

Just a question: Is there anything out there that makes you act like someone completely nuts?
Like spiders, buttons, squares... or something?

I hope I'm not the only one that gets this... whatever.
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1st Going by bike is awesome. Especially in winter, when the sun is shining. Drove 19 km today which was kinda hard, because I didn't do it lately, but amazing anyway. Felt so healthy. :D

2nd Visiting fellow students planning to "speak Japanese in order to prepare tomorrow's text exam" is destined to fail... because we like it better to talk about music and games, but ... hm in German. If we'd spoke about all this, like we did, in Japanese, I would immediately stop studying. XD"

3rd Meeting with other fellow students for a coffee/tea/cocoa ends up in one of Leipzig's "fancy" cafés. I guess we scared some other guests to death by talking crappy Japanese and laughing maliciously. There was one father with his kids who seemed to be stunned by this. Thought his eyes would bulk out of his head, seriously. xD"

4th Playing "Silent Hill" is no good, at least for me. I can't play horror games, I would never survive all this shit. Honestly. I was shaking all the time and freaked out only when random music started!!! >__<
But I love watching other people play that kind of game. :)
Basti entertained me very well. Too bad, Tini had to leave so early. I really like Pyramid Head, though. Guess it's because of the cosplay pics I found of him, once. In my head he's a cool fellow, sitting in the kitchen and preparing a cheese bread. :D

5th Of course I was paranoid when I left Basti and headed home. Heard strange noises everywhere, even over my music. >___<

6th I need to do the dishes more often. o_O In ... 8.5 hours Tini and Basti will be here for breakfast and I have to clean up. AAAAH!

Well.. this is all for now.
Have a good night, dudes.


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