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Hey there,

how are you? Everything fine? Hope so.
Seems I won the fight against my cold. No worrying coughing so far - I'm kinda proud.
Last weekend was one of the most relaxed Halloween weekends I ever had, aside the fact that I helped [ profile] decembersong with her moving. Btw were you able to finish everything off, dear? :)
I had some bruises and sore muscles from carrying all the stuff until yesterday. Oh my... I should help people moving more often - great work out! Hrhr.
Since I was not sure about my health on Friday, I didn't attend Keito's birthday party. Saa~ but since he also was there on Saturday, everything was cool, cause we were able to celebrate him at midnight with full force. :D
The noob-WG's party was kinda comfy if you can say so. We had plenty of foods there from sake-maki to onigiri filled with tuna and mayo to noodle salad to OH MY GAWD fluffy brownies, cinnamon rolls and so on and so forth. Haha. We also did karaoke and despite my throat was a little sore I couldn't resist singing "Don't stop me now!" from Queen together with Frank (and quite alot other songs, too. Ahahah.)
Anyways I don't have any photos until now, I forgot my camera and the others didn't upload any, yet.

But heeey now to the main part of my entry. Hohoho Yesterday I checked youtube and saw that coldmirror had put up a halloween video - watched it right away. And dudes... it was very thrilling. *_*
Check it out, here: (Only German, I'm sorry - the original story is HERE.)

She got inspired from a story called "Masterpiece". Didn't know this site before, so I decided to spend some time scrolling through the contents yesterday. Ended up messing around with that like 4 hours. lol. There was looooads of shit on this site. Boring and very bad written stuff consisting ohmygawd gore, child death or children killing other people and bla bla bla.
Nevertheless I found some quite cool stories there. One of them is called "Mr Widemouth". Go and read it if you have some time, it's not that long, actually. Don't expect too gory stuff in it, but I found it was very well written and I liked the concept.
Hah, I got some quite cool ideas for World Of Darkness RPGs there... uhuhuhu if I will ever manage to get my group at Lauhhammer together to play one, finally.
Plus I read a story including the Slenderman. It was not that good, to be honest, but the Slenderman myth caught my interest. Actually I browsed some wiki-sit of 4chan's /x/ channel, too, but today it says the access is restricted to registered members. (OH MY GAWD MAYBE SLENDERMAN CUT ME OFF THE REALLY COOL SOURCES OF THE INTERWEBZ!)
Anyways the linked site above has some of the pictures "showing" him, too. I laughed so hard, cause seriously... this dude would never scare the shit out of me, besides the pics look badly photoshopped. Plus they all got public after making the Slenderman story up <--- seems he is some kind of internet meme thing. I watched some videos about him on youtube and laughed so hard, sometimes.. ahaha oh man. Had quite a good time, yesterday. :)

What else?
This goes to the dudes of you, who use Twitter:
Today, I found some other accounts of J-Rock people there by accident. I knew that people like Hisashi, Tatsurô etc. had Twitter, but oh hey some of the Nightmare-dudes (Ruka and Hitsugi) and Gazette (Ruki and Aoi) seem to have one, too. I already browsed their following lists, but I couldn't find the others.
Does anyone know if.. for example Gazette's Kai has a twitter?
OMG that would be cool I wanna share recipes with him.. hrm hrm hrm.
Oh man, I didn't even think about looking for more of them before. The idea never came up. Haha... well anyways, I only want to use this to excercise Japanese, of course. (Which works quite good, actually.)
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Yeah, I know, why I should not become a psychologist.
When it comes to "such" stuff I'm always too honest and too harsh.... I simply have no patience anymore.

Anyways... it is your choice.
You can wallow in your misery or start to change it.
I know that it is sometimes easier just to lay still and enjoy the drama, sometimes one even needs it.

There were times when I got myself involved in others' dilemmas trying to help, but I learnt that it is always safer to stay aside, say something harsh, but fair (aha haha!) and in the end, people did it themselves.

Of course I will listen to you if you want to talk, but I do not want to interfere.

A quote from "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" to sum it up (I don't know how many times I used this one, already):

"I would die for you, but I won't live for you."

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Bin fertig geworden mit dem guten Stück, und dachte mir, ich hau euch mal ein kleines Tutorial hin. Deutsch/English.

Yosh! Finished Cloud's tonfa finally and came up with the idea for a little tutorial (English/Deutsch).
Here you go!

tu-tu-tu-tutorial! )

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Actually I wanted to bomb your f-lists with the video/photo show from the Ascension Day, but I'm not too sure if my laptop will be able to convert videos into divx and start sony vegas anymore...

It seems my little baby is really dying now.
I can't remember if I wrote it here, but somewhen in December or November it started humming after one hour. I suspected the hard drive to be the culprit, but since it suddenly stopped, I was relieved and didn't give a shit about it anymore.

Since last week it started humming again. And now it hums from the beginning. It got uber slow and yesterday night, when I launched the anti-virus program for check-up (and went to sleep) it completely crashed.
Today it took like 15 minutes to boot up. @___@ and dudes, this baby was actually one of the fastest laptops I've ever seen, even after its 6 years of usage.
*cries a bit more*

I always wanted to buy a macbook, because the times I had the chance to sit in front of one, I was super stunned and amazed... but uaah @__@ I just browsed the German Apple Store HP and got slapped in the face.
I knew, mac isn't that cheap... but 1599 Euro for a 15" mac book pro... *dies*
(I guess I will need one with 15" at least, because my note book will be kind of a DVD player for me and I don't like little monitors.. ^^°)

Dear Mac-users on my f-list do you have any tips, what mac book would be cool for me?

- I need it for university work
- I watch films - a lot
- note book = stereo, it needs good loud speakers (I could buy extra ones, too... but I don't like that much cables and stuff)
- I finally want to start video-editing/dubbing again, so it should be able to handle programs like sony vegas pro

Ah damn, I guess my "questions" are somehow not that convenient.. gnah, I'm a noob with technical stuff, although I know more than girls usually do xD;;;


I asked a friend of mine, too. He has a mac book... I hope he will accompany me to the Apple Store here... I also saw, that my university is in that "Apple on Campus" program... maybe I can save some money.
lol.. money which I actually don't have. I'm saving it for Japan next year... and my parents will kill me if I use this for a note book. But I need one for university (and for my addiction, too) and I don't want to buy a random one, when I set my mind on a Mac. GNAH!

*chrm* Okay, I hope you guys are okay. I'm very looking forward to the Japantag, where I will meet soooo cool people (again). Wahaha!
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Har har, ihr, meine werten Freunde des guten modischen Geschmacks! Ich suche etwas, etwas neues. Etwas aus Jeans. Ne Hose. Und da ich selbst keine Jeans trage, bin ich recht ratlos, was ich da so nehmen sollte/könnte.

Es geht um die berühmtberüchtigte Schmodderjeans des [L]. Dödöm!
Mal zur Referenz:
Bildchen Manga
Bildchen RL

So in der Art sollte sie ausschauen. Wo kriegt frau sowas her? Werd ja sicherlich in die Männerabteilung dürfen.. oder? Aaah. Sie soll halt so fast schon baggyhaft sein, total groß und aah, naja bequem eben ^^°.
Brauch ne neue, weil meine alte(die ohnehin nich wirklich das Wahre war) mir nicht mehr passt - aaaah Specki! gefällt.
Hilfe, anyone?

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Tjaaah, wer hätte das gedacht, meine Nähmaschine ist wirklich schrottreif. Nun, eigentlich ist sie das noch nicht, aber eine Reparatur würde mehr kosten, als das Dingelchen noch wert ist, mal abgesehen davon, dass diese Produktionsreihe eh einen an der Klatsche zu haben scheint.

Was ich damit sagen will: Ich brauche HILFE und zwar in der Auswahl meiner neuen Maschine.
Ich habe keine Ahnung, welche ich nehmen sollte >___<
Eine von AEG wird's definitiv nicht mehr, vor denen hab ich jetzt Angst.

Was benutzt ihr/könnt ihr empfehlen, meine nähbegabten Freunde?
Und ma ne Frage nebenbei: Zwillingsnadeln - ist das nützlich? o_O"" Kann mir darunter jetzt nicht sooo viel vorstellen, außer, dass halt nebeneinander irgendwie zwei Stichreihen kommen und's evtl. für Ziernähte ganz hübsch ist. Ist das alles? Bzw. benutzt das wer von euch? Rockts? xD

Ich brauch erstmal ein paar Anregungen, dann entscheide ich mich. Argh.
Habe schon einige angesehen, bin aber mit den ganzen Marken und Nichtmarken so gar nicht vertraut, zudem ich eh nur ein Budget von, sagen wir, 200 Euro für die Maschine habe. Mehr kann ich mir im Moment nicht leisten, und ich brauch schnell eine neue Maschine.

Wär für eure Hilfe sehr dankbar.


Problem gelöst, herzlichsten Dank. Die neue is schon gekauft und kommt bald an. Liebe!
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Nearly all of you are listening to Japanese music.
Soooo my question is:
If you'd attend a J-music-disco (let's say J-rock, cause sadly most of the other styles are not acceptable in German fanbase, yet), what bands/songs would you want to be played?

I would be thankful if you could help me out a little - maybe with youtube-links so I can check out the bands - cause I'm not up-to-date with the latest developments ^^°

Why do I ask?
A friend of mine asked me to be the "DJane" for the J-music-disco at the Shumatsu this year, so I want to be prepared :D~

What else?
I've been listening to Meat Loaf again, the last days. Aaaaaaaaah~~ I soooo wanna see him live, I'm waiting for a chance to attend one of his concerts since I'm 6 years old XD;;;;

Anyway~ have a nice Sunday! <3


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