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Ähem.. ja das hab ich: Letztes Jahr.
Wie ihr sehen konntet, habe ich gelogen.... aber ich melde mich jetzt. Immerhin.

Warum schrob ich hier nichts? Hmmm, man könnte meinen, es war viel zu tun oder es gab rein gar nichts zu berichten.... wer meine anderen Sozialnetzwerkaccounts verfolgt, weiß, dass ne ganze Menge los war. Lag es an der Faulheit? Womöglich... vielleicht aber auch daran, dass mir in den letzten Monaten einfach der Nerv fehlte, viele Worte zu machen... und um die Dinge, die mich beschäftig(t)en in aller Kürze und der damit verbundenen Würze zu verbreiten, nutze ich Twitter und seit November 2012 auch tumblr. Doch Vorsicht, gerade für diejenigen unter euch, die sich dem Tumblerischen Account zuwenden wollen: Da ist IZM drin.. fast ausschließlich. Wer also für die Alltagsrants hier war, sollte sich auf Twitter oder Facebook begeben um wirklich up-to-date zu sein.

Mal sehen wie oft ich hier schreiben werde. Gerade fühlt es sich gut an, das runter zu tippen. Aber wer weiß.

Was gibt's also zu berichten? Ich versuche mich mal an einer Art Jahreszusammenfassung, die viele Lücken haben wird, aber who cares, nich wahr?

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Jaha, das ist wohl wahr.
Ich habe Lust auf ein deutsches Update - also erfreuet euch an meiner muttersprachlichen Stimmung... und an einem Bild vom verschneiten Lauchhammer:

So sah es in der Nacht von Dienstag zu Mittwoch aus bei uns. Hach :) ich mag Schnee, vor allem, wenn ich hier bin. ^o^
23.12. bis heute... is viel. )
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Yo, yesterday I had a short holiday in Berlin, Germany's oh so big capital and one of the most cruel cities, I know.
As you can read: I survived.

Mainly due to Mrs Feder's "Let's give Qan some sweets!" tour, I guess.
I met up with her at the Alexanderplatz and went to a little cupcake café near the Hackescher Markt. I forgot the name and the exact place, damn! But oooooooh *_* I never ate cupcakes before and they were so... soo sweet and yummy and fuckin' cute looking. Even the interior of the café looked like those from a doll house. Mrs Feder fit perfectly in, 'cause she was wearing a sailor-like skirt and blouse and a cap and oh my gawd, she looked so cute (like all persons wearing the "Loli"-style, I know, do) and I somehow felt the strange urge to fold my hands before my mouth and squeaking all the time.

Actually we wanted to take a look at the Harajuku Day event near the Friedrichsbrücke, but since the weather was a whole mess we decided to go window-shopping. When we got in to the Claire's store, a saleslady approached us instantly and gave us one of those little baskets with glimmering hope in her eyes, screaming: "BUY SOMETHING GLIMMERING AND CUTE AND PINK, PLEASU!" Well... we destroyed her hope, I'm afraid.

Besides all the window-shopping we had really great talks about fandom and cosplay. WUAHAHAHA! It's sooooo good to have someone one can share the love, with *_*"""
Later in the afternoon we went to the Harajuku Day place and I had the chance to meet Jessy there, who was completely stunned and disbelieving that I would come to Berlin. Haha, her face was so awesome. ^^
Actually we looked for some friends of Feder, but when they seemed not to be there, we decided to go... la la la, just as we were about to leave the place, Feder took a glance of them.
So I met Nina, Mrs Krone, Hachi and Nina's boyfriend, whose name I.. aaaah forgot.
/shame on me!
We sat down on the grass and stared at other people, which was funny. Muaha. I somehow felt strange again, sitting between all those cutey Loli-girls in my baggy pants XD""" but the atmosphere was cool. Later another girl with beautiful locks appeared (I forgot her name, too.. this is so bad >__<). Most of the time we were opening and closing our umbrellas because the rain was coming and going like it pleased. Grah!
One funny aspect: One of the... hmm I guess she was kind of event-admin, approached us (it was around 4 pm) and said: "Ohayoooooooo you "Abseitssitzer" (people sitting aside from the main crowd)! The cosplay challenge is starting soon, maybe you want to come nearer?"
Instantly the student in me raised his evil mind and I hardly could resist from correcting her. Ohayô.. at 4 pm... thank you very much. >___>

Hrm. But since we wanted to go eating (crèpes, yay!) again, we denied. Hachi, Mrs Krone, the super locks girl and Feder wanted to go to the cinema later and since the first three wanted to eat something non-sweet, we said goodbye and went to the underground station of the Alexanderplatz. Down there are several little shops for food, such as Dunkin' Donuts and stuff. And... oooooooh "PomPom's Crèpes" it's a Japanese store and the crèpes are so... amazing there *_*
I took a strawberry crèpe listening to Feder's and Nina's advice. The shop-owner also had green tea ice cream *_*"" Next time, I will eat some of this. It's so yummy!

After getting stuffed again, I walked Feder to the cinema and waited there with her and the others for my later company to arrive. Hohoho.. when their film was about to start, I went to the world's clock at the Alex again and met up with Lisa, Stefan and Patrick. Those three I met in the "emo-forum" I attended like 2 years ago. It's so funny, those guys aren't one percent of emo at all but I guess they're three of the most active users there. Muahaha.
I learnt something, again. Don't meet with "normal" guys when you had a day full of fandom, Qan!
Lisa asked, how my day was so far and I was like: "EATING; VIDEO GAMU; COSPLAY; WAHAHAHAH!!!" And the three were like: Ahum... XD;; (Dudes, she is a fuckin' freak, maybe we should leave her and run for our lives?!)
Well.. they stayed, which was nice.
I drank one of the worst Mojitos I ever had in the Alex bar, beneath the television tower. If there's a cocktail-lover reading this entry: Don't go there! XD"

At 9 pm I had to meet up with the guys from my train ticket-sharing group. I was so damn tired. o_O"""
Around 12 pm I arrived at home again and fell onto my bed immediately.

Although the weather was a bitch, the day was wonderful *____*""
I'm very looking forward to see all the guys soon again. Feder and Co at the Connichi and the others at a concert in November. ... okay, this is not so soon, but at least in this year, so... it's okay. :D

Well, the day's summary would be: Went to Berlin, eating awesome sweets, having great talks about fandom and scaring normal people, yay! XD"""

Thanks for reading and  have a nice day, dudes!

PS: I'm afraid, I've a new favourite song. --> Kyosuke Himuro feat. Gerard Way - Safe And Sound.
It's SO strange, I hardly can stand Gerard Way's voice in MCR songs (there are only two, actually, which I kinda like), but in this song... it just sounds... awesome!
I keep telling myself that's only because of the fact, I always think of Cloud riding Fenrir, when I listen to it. XD
(It's the new ending for FFVII AC Complete)

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I'm totally drooling over Ghibli films... again. Aaaw.
Last night I found a video record of the "Spirited Away" performance, two little kids did on the LBM.

Yes, an Uchiha becomes a completely fangirl. Oh, oh. And yees.. I did cry... (and hiding behind your collar is nonsense. WOOHOO!) and I do it every time I see this fakkin' video. *______*""

When I shut down my laptop around 02:30 a.m. this morning I wasn't that sure about feeling tired. After scanning my DVD-collection I just HAD to watch the anime again. Aaaww >___<"
And now... oh lol an old idea for a fanfcition plopped in my head again. Hm... but I'm not sure wether I will write something about that.... I donnu if I would make it or if I would crack it up. Ah... insecuuuurrrre.
Anyway... the last days of my holidays kinda mess my cicardian rhythm even moar than it's messed by now. I sleep in the day time (okay, now I'm awake, which is cool.. hoho) and run around sleepless at night. Oh yeeees, I want university to start, need my rhythm back!

I hope you dudes are doing okay, I read all of your entries but I'm a bitch at the moment and only comment and answer rarely. Sorry T_T

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Howdie dudes!
Finally I post it here - my diary I wrote in Vienna, but it's only the first part from 6th to 11th August xD;;;;
Cause it takes so much time to copy and translate it from my notes.
Have fun reading my shit <3~


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