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Wuoh finally an update!
It's been a while, but since I waited for Dominik's photos to include them here, I hope you will be able to forgive me. ^^

First things first:
Leipzig book fair this year was splendid! After last year's convention and cosplay desaster I was afraid that I would never get into cosplaying and con-going again. But heeeey here I am!
Everything was relaxed and I was in good mood, too. Awesome!

Last autumn I randomly bought a wig for Nami (One Piece) because 1. Nami's cool, 2. I adore ginger hair and 3. I secretely wanted to cosplay her.
Since I'm not that confident with my body at the moment I wanted to sew an outfit of hers which doesn't show that much of skin. So I decided to do the first version one gets to see in the anime. It was comfy, not too warm and therefore very fitting for a con-weekend.
When I lost some weight and regained some muscles, other cosplays of her will follow. Her hair colour suits me so much that ppl even suggested I should dye it like that... (still thinking of it, btw.)
Today I watched the 291st and 292nd episode, the special episodes where the strawhats and lots of earlier characters are set in a kind of Tokugawa-era town, wearing kimono and hakama and stuff. *_*" Someday... ohohoho.

Anyway, here are some pictures, Dominik took at LBM's sunday:
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Yay, it's been a while since I updated (with something meaningful at least).

One week to go until the Leipzig Bookfair and I'm not that in mood for cosplay right now.
But the feeling grows with every part of my cosplay that gets finished.

Here some pictures:

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Hey, hey dudes!
Qan's back in the virtual world, finally.
Got my internet connection on Friday last week, but since I attended Leipzig's bookfair as usual, I had no time to write earlier.
Actually I wanted to present you my flat at first, unfortunately it is still a mess and I need to clean. Plus I am ill so I cannot do my planned video-log about it. Damn it >_>!

Uhm.. yeah so this post's topic will be the LBM.
Go ahead and enjoy!

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Yo, yo dudes!
I hope your weekends were good... in fact, mine was!
I, finally, found a design for the walls in my new flat.
It combines the colours I wanted to use so badly and my affinity for crosses and... well a certain person from a certain band. The one of you who finds out, who inspired me, gets a... beer? xD;
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Mar. 18th, 2008 08:20 pm
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Yoooo it's been a while, dudes and I guess it's time to say hello again ^^v

Three topics today:
1) LBM
2) Fandom and OMG Nadine! You're crazy!
3) re-exam and holidays @home

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Just now I finished it. Fleur's clothes are FINISHED.
And they look super awesome xD; at least this is what I think <3<3<3<3


I'm totally hyper XD;
But since there was no time to learn till now, I decided not to go to the LBM tomorrow... or at least I will only go a few hours, since I paid for my all-days-ticket ^^~~~

Anyway... I need something to eat nooow *____*;;;
Didn't eat since breakfast *cough*

SEE YOU on LBM <3~

I won't be online this much the next days.
*kisses and a huuuuuuuuuge hug*
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Well, I'm just about going to my second English exam and... HEEEEEY I feel prepared XD;;;
I hope it'll be as easy as last year (I got the old exam yesterday *_*;;)
Thank Gaysus that I started learning two days ago hohohohohooo ^^"""""

Well... but I guess for Latin and History I should start tomorrow at the latest... cause, well yeah it is A LOT ^^~~~

Anyways.... I'm kinda excited with the LBM this year.
It'll be the first year I won't need to travel to Leipzig, well cause I live here XD
It's the first year I can have some friends over here and... aaaaaaah I'm in cosplay mood somehow *______*;;;
But I need help ... does somebody of you know how to stitch?

Anyways, I gotta export the new Bullet for my Valentine's album to my mp3-player >>> need some music to get into my exam-mood XD;;;

See ya later guys~


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