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Hello, hello fellow duuudes it's been a while.
It's May already, time's racing as always.

I'm pretty much back in Germany and into my student life which sucks hairy balls, but oh well. What needs to be done has to be done, I think.
Uni started about a month ago and apart from being stressful and stupid non-realistic as always, I think it will be kinda manageable. Let's see.

Today I had the chance to enjoy some little hanami picknick here in Leipzig. In front of the Grassi museum we have a little sakura tree complex inmidst of the busy streets. Interesting point for a chill out.
And so Eric, Stephan (and later on Ms M.) did.

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Aug. 16th, 2011 03:07 pm
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Also heute ist bisher ein Tag so richtig zum auf den Allerwertesten klatschen.

Auf Arbeit stellte man einen neuen Rekord auf, 500 Gäste gleichzeitig (sonst generell so in 0.5-1 Stunde), was mich, da ich mal wieder allein an den Getränken stand, mächtig in die Bredouille, Saft und Kaffeebohnen zum Verschwinden, und die Gäste ein Stück mehr gen Service-Wüste (Japan? Ja, auch das geht.) brachte.
Nicht schön, aber selten, so ein Nervenzusammenbruch ist doch was Feines.
Umlagert von 10 Kaffedürstenden Gästemonstern stand ich da, Kaffeespender (25 l) = leer, Kaffee/Cappu-Automat = keine Bohnen, nicht im Lager, auch nicht sonstwo --> ergo: Nix Kaffee - und ich wusst nich wie mir geschah, mein Japanisch sank auf den Nullpunkt, außer: "Oh mein Gott, es tut mir so leid, aber Kaffee is grad nich." wusste ich nichts zu sagen. Auf die genervten: "Öh warummen?"-Fragen konnte ich nicht antworten und jedes "Es tut mir leid, bitte warten se ma kurz?" (Kurz in diesem Falle 10-20 Minuten, weil einfach mal nichts ging in dem Moment) schien es nur schlimmer zu machen.
Also stand ich da, an der Kaffeemaschine, und kippte neben Kaffeepulver auf einmal auch ein paar Kullertränen mit in den Behälter.
Peinlich, Alter.. aber kannse nix machen, wa.
Schluchz, schluchz, schnell Gesicht abwischen, weitermachen.
Managerin guckte mich an und Vampire war auch ganz besorgt: "Bisse ok? Is grad scheißen-busy hier, aber packste. Keine Sorge."
Und ich nur so: "Hmmmm..."
und rannte die Saftmaschinen auffüllen, damit ja nur keiner sieht, dass ich am Heulen bin.
Krönung des Ganzen war, dass ich den Schlüssel von einer der Kaffeemaschinen versiebt habe. o_O
Ich hatte ihn, bevor die Kaffeemisere los ging und danach war er weg. Wahrscheinlich habe ich ihn im Panikanfall irgendwo hingeworfen und er ist sonstwohin gerutscht. T_T
Shit, Mann.

Wollte kurz nach Hause heute. Bisschen ausheulen bei Muddi und Vaddi und Katzen-/Hundeplüsch absahnen. Wäh. :(

Was noch so?
Sollten heute eigentlich, so hieß es Ende letzten Monats (nicht mir gegenüber, aber 2 anderen Praktikanten) unsere Kohle kriegen, denn man plan(t)e, den Zahltag vom 25. auf den 16. zu legen.
Mittags simmer ins Büro mal fragen, wie siehtsn aus mit Geld heut und so?
Ah nee, nee, erst nächsten Monat wird gewechselt. Müsst noch bis zum 25.8. warten. Sorry, nech. :D :D :D

Wir so: o_O  --> T______T

Da gehen sie hin, die elitären Geburtstagspläne, denn ich habe zwar noch genug Geld um alles machen zu können, aber 70% aller Gäste sind gerade so dermaßen blank, blanker geht's fast nicht. 500 Yen für die nächsten 10 Tage? Geht klar.

Aber ich werd dennoch Eis kaufen. Und selbst wenn jeder nur nen Löffel Eiscreme und 2 lumpige Bier bekommt. Dieser Geburtstag wird gefeiert. o_O
Kristina und ich lassen uns von mistiger Nichtorganisation nicht abschrecken.
(Dass nahezu jeder am 17./18./19. frei genommen hat, um unsere Geburtstage zu feiern und den ersten Lohn, brauchen wir ja auch niemanden sagen. RAGE.)

Ein Kackeintrag musste ja auch mal kommen, wa.
Das zu heute. Mal sehen, wie morgen wird.
Habe btw ein super Geschenk für Kristina gefunden. Uhuhuhuhu. Es ist klein und aus Glas und hat Tentakel. HAHAHARRRRRRRR.

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Yes if I were rich, I would spend hundreds and thousands of Euro to get some gear for pretty decadent hobbies.
Cosplay is one,  concert-going, too... but oh yeah since last year I fancy about geo-caching, too. If I were super uber intelligent, I could go caching with a compass and a map. Not to mention that maps this concrete and good are hellishly expensive.. so I could buy a GPS-device, couldn't I?

Haha... no I guess I won't be so dumb and run for a GPS right now. (Although I'm pretty tempted to do so...)
Last year I bought myself a bass guitar and seldomly played it until now.
I never wanted to be that good to play in a band anyways, but to be honest, I barely touched my little baby, because I always think I haven't got  enough time to practise like I should (or would like).

Hmpf... I wanted to tell you about last weekends Sunday morning.
Jo held his birthday party and two friends of his from his old home town were there, too. The both of them are geo-cachers and in the morning (4 a.m. yay for drunk decisions!) we had the idea to go searching for a cache. (Leipzig seems to be a pretty popular place for hiding them.)
So we went out and got to the third of four stations on our journey... but we failed to find the cache, because we weren't able to convert the hours/minutes/seconds coordinate of Sirius (yes, that fucking star was needed to find the last clue!) into degrees.
We thought about it and failed several times until arount 7 a.m. when we decided to give up, get some bread rolls and go home.
Like 200 m before we reached the bakery the solution befell us. But we were too tired to go back.
Unfortunately said friend took the paper with the coordinates and our suggestions with him, so I'm not able to finish the task, although I'm pretty sure to know in which street the cache lies. Arrrrgh! >D

Maybe some day when I'm a little richer, I'll buy a GPS device (cheaper ones cost about 80 €, yay!) and go hunting! Hohoho.
Maybe.. but maybe I'll just give it up and save the money, instead (or spend it on a concert).

/random entry
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Ouh my fackin' goodness *_______*
Last night, when I surfed myspace, I found that A Skylit Drive and Alesana put their schedule for the upcoming Europe tour online.

When ASD were in Berlin in November I promised myself to follow them on their next Germany tour... and oh well, I will get the chance, from 12th to 16th May 2010 *____________*
Actually I wanted Bambi to join me, but he backed down already... which I can kind of understand. Seriously, dudes.. right now I donnu how to purchase the tickets and the travel costs.
A guy whom I met at lastfm will join my adventure, and I expect it to be THE FUN!
Calculating got me to the amount of ~300 Euro so far *sighs* I guess I won't eat a month, then everything should be fine.

Ahahaha... so if anyone is interested in joining PhiL and me... company is appreciated. :D
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I payed for my GBA SP recharger more than 10 days ago... the package is still not here @_______@
I mailed this person and asked what happened. He said, he sent the package.
Bah~ I asked for the serial number to find it and NOW he said... "Ooooh sorry, I sent it as a maxi-letter, because you chose the uncovered shipping method" (btw I payed facking 4,99€ for shipping, a maxi-letter costs about 1,45€)

I want my money back, or I'll kick his fackin ass >_______<

Buhu~ I'm still learning for my phonetics-test in 2 hours and feel like ... I'm a living vowel chart or... consonant table uhuuuuu~

Hope, your day's fine, dudes.
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Qan is in neeeeed of a fackin job o____O

Yo dudes, this is my list of things I planned to do this year until now.
Let's see how far away I am from them XD;

Anyway.... I like the structure of my hair today (RANDOM!!!! xD) must be because I used some conditioner and.. ah well I'm just awesome, that's it XD;;;
(and because [profile] nitrosss wants to see it, here we gooo xD in front of my awesome bloody mary mirror)

Ah Nadine and me have kinda bug-invasion in our flat. O_________O
This evening we'll be bug-hunters again and I will take some photos cause we need to know, which annoying little animals scare Nadine to death at night ;D
Srsly she wasn't able to sleep oh my.. xD Qan's gotta rescue her XD Imagine me in a pretty super man costume, okay? XDDDDD armed with a handkerchief, looking for my best friends b.u.g.s. in her room XD~ yooosh ^^v

Another random thing, because I just want to tell you this: EEEEEEEEEEEEK *_________*
I asked my beloved Robin if he would sell his PS2 to me and ... he said he'd fackin DONATE it to me when he gets his PS3. I was like OMFG~  and for now he said I could have his PSX to play Final Fantasy VII

Hmm my only problem now is TO GET THE GAME XD;;;
An acquaintance of mine is a total FF-victim but he said even if he wants me to play this game he would never lend it to me XD he never lends something of his FF-stuff. Okay I mean.. it's worth the whole earth I know this ;D but.. hmmmm~~~~~~
Well... so I hope for another one, from whom I can borrow it~
(Eli ich muss mir Vorlauf schaffen XD;;; Ich wills niemandem antun mit mir ein Game zum ersten Mal zu spielen, weil ich so TOTAL dazu abgehe ^^""")

Random entry: END

*hugs all*


Feb. 20th, 2008 02:44 pm
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Today will be kinda Kamikaze-trip for me xD;;;
I will go to the hall of tonight's HIM & Paradise Lost concert and try to get a ticket... a cheap one ;____;
Aaaah why was the fabric for Fleur so damn expeeeeensiiiiiive? *whines*
I always wanted to see HIM and aaah now they will be here in my reach and I have not enough money for a ticket. But hey.. almost 40 € is a biiiiit too much, don't you think? ^^""""

I hope I can get one ticket in front of the hall for ... hmm maybe 20€ that would be okay. *sigh* Otherwise Sophie will kill me ;___;

Irgh... actually I wanted to continue my cosplay today, but I slept till noon and after that I wasn't in mood for doing anything but surfing the internet. AAAH >_____________>

Hm I must do something. I'll start with cleaning my room. Best idea. After that I should prepare dinner and then... Aaaaaaah prepare myself for the concert I hopefully will attend XD;;;

Have a nice day, dudes <3


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