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... where you damn fackin idiot, that is responsible for my messy schedule at work, is situated... I HATE YOU!
Gah >____<
The woman who plans the operation schedules for us is in her holidays and so the dude who did this before, planned everything this week.
I wrote 2 weeks ago, that I would fackin NOT be in Leipzig this weekend, because I wanted to go home, see my parents and my grandma and my friends, who I did not see for like two months. AND OH NOW GUESS WHO HAS TO WORK THIS WEEKEND?
I wrote an email right after I got my schedule and he was like: "Yes, I will see what I can do for you."
I called every fackin day and every time it was the same: "Still nothing clear, call again tomorrow."
Today, as expected, nothing was changed, too. BITCH!
Now I will work this weekend and be happy and friendly as I always am. <3

Have to go there right after writing this down, to ask for my last holidays for next week, when I want to move, because, oh I donnu why, I am so sure, that the notice I left for the planner, that I HAVE NO FAKKIN TIME BECAUSE I WILL BE MOVIN will be read over, too.
Why is he sitting in fakkin Berlin, huh? I want to chop his head off, right away, pretty plz!

Uhm.. now to the cool things:
3 of the 4 new wigs arrived. YOSH! They look awesome (and will maybe look shitty, when I'm finished with 'em, but who cares? LaLaLa!)
I'm almost done with Nadine's costume and got some quite cool ideas for the shuriken and kunai and the boots. Hohoho!

Yesterday I went to see the Yamato-drummers live at the Opera here in Leipzig.
Now I know 10 more people who deserve everlasting health and the golden glory of drum-heaven. XD;
Oh boy, it was SO good. Haaah <3

Next [IZM] thing: I blame Nadine for it: She had holidays and was bored, so she bought a PSP (and Tekken Resurrection and Tomb Raider Anniversary, lalala). And she BLAMED ME! for doing so, because I'm the nerdy gam0r kid and was like: If you have nothing to do, go and play sum games, yo!
And... and... and... well... the ... uhm.. well holy shit I so wanted to have it Special Edition of Crisis Core is MINE, now, too :D:D:D:D
Without a PSP, hahahaha because I want to force myself to finish things first. AHAHAHA!!!
And, oh I donnu why, every morning I wake up I hear Cissnei saying in my head: "You can do it, Zack!" and then: "YEAH I'M ON FIRE NOW!" and oooooooh shit this picture is stuck in my brain and I always start laughing, because... srsly it IS hilarious! Haha, oooh noes.

Hm.. what else? Ah yeah, I made a backup of my files... because my laptop starts making noises after an hour or two working. The hard disk seems to ... well go nuts? >___<"

Okay... now I'm off, helping Nadine with her contacts and then... going to work and kick some asses, HAHAHA! >___<

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Well, it's been a little while since I wrote the last time and actually I wanted to update several times last week, but busy Qan had no time.
So be prepared for topic-twisters all the way :D


Jul. 6th, 2008 07:20 pm
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Tomcat Piet's appearance describes wonderfully, how I feel today:

Hehe :D
All I wanna do is lying around and relax and... watch D. Gray-Man *_____*
Daaaammit, this series gets better with every single episode.
*coughs* Okay, more about that later on.
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Maaaaaaan >_______<
I was so hoping for "Schlaaaaaaand" but the football game was ridiculous. I'm watching Austria against Poland right now and the first twenty minutes of it are waaaay more interesting than the whole game Germany vs. Croatia >____<
How sad.

Anyway - I wanted to show you my new hair cut, wich actually is adapted from the last one... so here you goooo:
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... pentecost-weekend's cooking sessioooooooon.

Tomato salad plus
Spinach-Quiche "Peace, Man! May be the butterfly with you!"
Camilo's uber awesome pineapple-vanilla-girls-adore-these-berries-dessert

Qan presents "How to make SEASALT ICECREAM"

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Yay yesterday Nadine and me were taking a walk and playing badminton.
Hoho, I took a video and want to show it to you, dudes.

It's only German, because I was too lazy to speak English *cough*

Sorry for the bad sound quality, but I kinda forgot, that wind + mikro = no good XD;


Mar. 18th, 2008 08:20 pm
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Yoooo it's been a while, dudes and I guess it's time to say hello again ^^v

Three topics today:
1) LBM
2) Fandom and OMG Nadine! You're crazy!
3) re-exam and holidays @home

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