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Had another blue screen this morning... so well, well, seems XP desperately wants to upgrade to W7.
Narf. Hope everything will be fine after that.. I'm so in no mood to sending it back to get new RAM. >__>

Over and out, dudes.

Hope I will be back, soon.

Oh, news.

Oct. 17th, 2010 05:43 pm
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Hi dudes,

hope you're all well.
Today I planned to format my computer in order to fix the issues bothering me for the last 2 weeks.
My baby randomly shut down and error messages concerning RAM or drivers occured. Ugh... Saved all my data und was ready to go this noon, but then I got a cool idea. Hah, since the problems started after I installed new drivers for my graphics board, I decided to remove them and re-install it all. <-- Went good, until now. Afterwards I spent ~2.5 hours testing each of my RAM bars. Seems every one of them is fine. Hm... so I ended up not formating, which is cool... if the problems will be gone for real now. I'm still afraid that this is just the quiet before the storm.

I passed my re-exam in Japanese. 3.0. Not that good, but well.. guess I really have to learn every day a little bit and not just randomly 1 day before those little tests. Hm... Uni started a week ago and I managed it to do something extra-curricular every day until now. Have to continue and then.. well hopefully my marks will go up, back to the status from one year ago. *_*"

My dad bought a new cat for my mum.
He's a ragdoll/persia mix and called "Tom", which is super funny because a friend of mine shares the same name. "Tomtom!!" Haha. :D

This is the young man residing at my mum's side.
Phoned my parents this afternoon and he seems to finally calm down. They had a sleepless night, because little Tom didn't feel too well.

I'm happy for my mum, because she really loves cats and I guess it's good for her to have one around again.
But to be honest I feel awkward... maybe it's because I can't be at home right now and get in touch with our new family member. Since I have money problems at the moment I'm not able to go home randomly. :(
But to be honest, I felt shitty when I first saw the photos today. My first thoughts were: "This is not my baby. It's not him." I guess I'm not ready for a new cat, yet. I don't know if it would change when I were there... sigh. I really hope it will get better, because I want to welcome him as a new family member, properly.

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I hope I will be online next week again, regularly.
My new computer arrived yesterday (oooh my gooooood I'm already in love), only the keyboard and the mouse are missing. Robin offered me his "old" one, but since he's on holiday in Spain this week, he can't ship it.
Aaaah, dudes, I knew, I'm a victim of the interneeeeet and computers but it is so FUCKIN hard to have your new baby right in front of you and are not able to use it.


But I hope till the end of next week, all will be here and finished and then I will bomb your f-lists with Connichi experiences and .. maybe even some shit from my birthday.
Oh.. what sucks at the moment?
The Bafög-office (student loan office) send me a letter in August, that due to their new papers, I had to rewrite my request, but said letter never got to me. THANK YOU DP! >____>

Today I was there and asked what happened, since I got no money yet and the woman was like: OMG the letter didn't reach you? OOOOOH *gives new papers* Here! Do it again as quickly as possible!

Ah, I hope I will get the money starting from November.. right now it's only enough to pay my rent, energy costs and internet/telephone... and well... food.
Wonderful. In October and November are SO many fuckin concerts I wanted to visit. @___@
Guess I have to skip the majority.
Only A Skylit Drive is a must, because I always wanted to see them @__@~

I hope your'e fine, dudes.
I try to catch up with your entries, but I can only read them in the library, since my PSP won't show me

Take care!

uh noes!

Sep. 1st, 2009 09:23 pm
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My laptop is nearly dead. The harddrive's like "clack clack clack" all the time and no program will work. >___>
Right now I'm looking for a new PC. I hate this. Have to take money from my Japan-account, which sucks a lot.

I hope Robin and I will be able to save the data... otherwise I'll crack up. There's so much stuff on it, mostly pictures and texts, which mean a lot to me. Getting back the music and videos wouldn't be that much of a problem... but. Argh!

So, sorry! No birthday post and no comment about my last weekend with[profile] muffet_blog  , besides: It was awesome. xD

If you want to contact me, most of you have my mobile phone number... I will annoy a friend of mine the next days, to check mails and stuff.

I hope to see you soon, dudes.
<3 Take care.

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Eeeeeehm well - so my laptop got infected. AGAIN!
Or should I say: It still is? 

I really have no clue how to destroy this fackin Trojan, that hit me again u_U
Every time when I run my antivirus program, it says, that it found and destroyed all of them... but I know, that ONE is still there, then when I run my lappu~, there always comes an error message saying, that "msnmngr.exe" cannot be found (I never looked for it, anyways). I also ran another virus-detecting program and it seems to find the Trojan, BUT when I follow the path, it is not there... in other words: I can't deleeeete it u_U;;
I also surfed some forums to find information about it and aaaaah I'm scared, that I have to format C: *cries*
Hmmmmm... tomorrow I'm gonna ask my father if he can take my baby to the computer department of his company, they rescued it once yet. xD;

So what I want to tell you is: I'm going to be online rarely (with Nadine's comp, thank youuuu^^) until that problem is fixed.
Time to write and play FFVII YAY!
If you need to talk to me uhm... you have my phone number (and if not, and you wanna have, ask and I will tell you xD;)

Sooo take care, duuuudes~


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