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Ooookay, kinda everyone on my f-list is doing this, so I'll join in (for the first time?) and see, what 2011 was like in retrospective.

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Yo, yo dudes, here I am again with a new entry. Hoho!
Today I had my presentation in my Anglistics seminar about the Victorian Age Culture and Arts.
It was a group work and, well, I have to say it turned out quite good, actually. YES!
At the moment the prof said that my mark is a 1.3 with a tendency to 1.0 (we have to hand an excerpt of one of our source-texts and another mini-task in until next week).
Let's just say: WOUHO! At least I have no problems in one of my subjects. Hah!
Well, I'm planning not to have any problems in Japanese as well. Next week on Wednesday I'll have my language exam. Ugh.. there's quite a lot to learn again (as always). But I think I can manage this. :)

What else? Last weekend I watched the Anime "Shiki" (屍鬼) which is the adaption of a light novel and also turned into a manga.
I have to say it was one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen. The story is quite good, actually.
It's about a smal village called Sotoba and the people living there. One summer the great European style mansion in the village gets new owners - strange people who moved in at night. Around the time of their arriving people in the village start to die of uncertain reasons.
The only doctor in the village, Ozaki Toshio, tries to find out which disease hunts the village people down. A second main character would be Yuuki Natsuno, a 15-year-old high-school student who moved into Sotoba a year ago and only wishes to get back to the big city again. The two of them find out after a while what the real cause of the numerous deaths is...
Well.. that's the story without any spoilers in short form. If you like horror, psychological and gory stuff you should give this anime a try.
I started reading the manga as well, because due to the shortness of the anime (22 episodes) not all character plots are developed as they should/could be. I guess the novel is even better, maybe I'll read it, too... it's Japanese only, but maybe I'll be able to get one while I'm in Japan.
(Ah yeah.. lol I never mentioned this here, but I'll definitely go on an internship this year, starting in May/June, I assume. I want to work at a hotel (in Okinawa, when I get the place there for summer or in Hokkaidô for winter). I applied already and had an interview with the dudes at  the Australian organisation which provides the internship slots. Right now they're negotiating the possibilities. I hope everything will turn out well. I can't stand university at the moment and need to get out of here to regain some energy and positive thinking concerning my studies. Oh lol a few weeks ago I thought I would go nuts if I were to be stuck in university any more second. xD")
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Yo, yesterday I had a short holiday in Berlin, Germany's oh so big capital and one of the most cruel cities, I know.
As you can read: I survived.

Mainly due to Mrs Feder's "Let's give Qan some sweets!" tour, I guess.
I met up with her at the Alexanderplatz and went to a little cupcake café near the Hackescher Markt. I forgot the name and the exact place, damn! But oooooooh *_* I never ate cupcakes before and they were so... soo sweet and yummy and fuckin' cute looking. Even the interior of the café looked like those from a doll house. Mrs Feder fit perfectly in, 'cause she was wearing a sailor-like skirt and blouse and a cap and oh my gawd, she looked so cute (like all persons wearing the "Loli"-style, I know, do) and I somehow felt the strange urge to fold my hands before my mouth and squeaking all the time.

Actually we wanted to take a look at the Harajuku Day event near the Friedrichsbrücke, but since the weather was a whole mess we decided to go window-shopping. When we got in to the Claire's store, a saleslady approached us instantly and gave us one of those little baskets with glimmering hope in her eyes, screaming: "BUY SOMETHING GLIMMERING AND CUTE AND PINK, PLEASU!" Well... we destroyed her hope, I'm afraid.

Besides all the window-shopping we had really great talks about fandom and cosplay. WUAHAHAHA! It's sooooo good to have someone one can share the love, with *_*"""
Later in the afternoon we went to the Harajuku Day place and I had the chance to meet Jessy there, who was completely stunned and disbelieving that I would come to Berlin. Haha, her face was so awesome. ^^
Actually we looked for some friends of Feder, but when they seemed not to be there, we decided to go... la la la, just as we were about to leave the place, Feder took a glance of them.
So I met Nina, Mrs Krone, Hachi and Nina's boyfriend, whose name I.. aaaah forgot.
/shame on me!
We sat down on the grass and stared at other people, which was funny. Muaha. I somehow felt strange again, sitting between all those cutey Loli-girls in my baggy pants XD""" but the atmosphere was cool. Later another girl with beautiful locks appeared (I forgot her name, too.. this is so bad >__<). Most of the time we were opening and closing our umbrellas because the rain was coming and going like it pleased. Grah!
One funny aspect: One of the... hmm I guess she was kind of event-admin, approached us (it was around 4 pm) and said: "Ohayoooooooo you "Abseitssitzer" (people sitting aside from the main crowd)! The cosplay challenge is starting soon, maybe you want to come nearer?"
Instantly the student in me raised his evil mind and I hardly could resist from correcting her. Ohayô.. at 4 pm... thank you very much. >___>

Hrm. But since we wanted to go eating (crèpes, yay!) again, we denied. Hachi, Mrs Krone, the super locks girl and Feder wanted to go to the cinema later and since the first three wanted to eat something non-sweet, we said goodbye and went to the underground station of the Alexanderplatz. Down there are several little shops for food, such as Dunkin' Donuts and stuff. And... oooooooh "PomPom's Crèpes" it's a Japanese store and the crèpes are so... amazing there *_*
I took a strawberry crèpe listening to Feder's and Nina's advice. The shop-owner also had green tea ice cream *_*"" Next time, I will eat some of this. It's so yummy!

After getting stuffed again, I walked Feder to the cinema and waited there with her and the others for my later company to arrive. Hohoho.. when their film was about to start, I went to the world's clock at the Alex again and met up with Lisa, Stefan and Patrick. Those three I met in the "emo-forum" I attended like 2 years ago. It's so funny, those guys aren't one percent of emo at all but I guess they're three of the most active users there. Muahaha.
I learnt something, again. Don't meet with "normal" guys when you had a day full of fandom, Qan!
Lisa asked, how my day was so far and I was like: "EATING; VIDEO GAMU; COSPLAY; WAHAHAHAH!!!" And the three were like: Ahum... XD;; (Dudes, she is a fuckin' freak, maybe we should leave her and run for our lives?!)
Well.. they stayed, which was nice.
I drank one of the worst Mojitos I ever had in the Alex bar, beneath the television tower. If there's a cocktail-lover reading this entry: Don't go there! XD"

At 9 pm I had to meet up with the guys from my train ticket-sharing group. I was so damn tired. o_O"""
Around 12 pm I arrived at home again and fell onto my bed immediately.

Although the weather was a bitch, the day was wonderful *____*""
I'm very looking forward to see all the guys soon again. Feder and Co at the Connichi and the others at a concert in November. ... okay, this is not so soon, but at least in this year, so... it's okay. :D

Well, the day's summary would be: Went to Berlin, eating awesome sweets, having great talks about fandom and scaring normal people, yay! XD"""

Thanks for reading and  have a nice day, dudes!

PS: I'm afraid, I've a new favourite song. --> Kyosuke Himuro feat. Gerard Way - Safe And Sound.
It's SO strange, I hardly can stand Gerard Way's voice in MCR songs (there are only two, actually, which I kinda like), but in this song... it just sounds... awesome!
I keep telling myself that's only because of the fact, I always think of Cloud riding Fenrir, when I listen to it. XD
(It's the new ending for FFVII AC Complete)

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Yo, decided to go to Lauchhammer today with the aim to attend two friends' birthday party. Hoho.

The moving went quite good, all my stuff arrived safely in the new flat. It's still a chaos, but I do not know anything else, so it's no problem.
Next friday, finally, my internet and phone connection shall be activated. I hope everything will work.
Your nerd-Qan is on internet withdrawal, which sucks a lot. xD"

Yeah.. what to say? Concerning cosplay everything's cool, aside from the fact that my sewing machine is kinda broken. AHAHA! I borrowed Alex' and have to finish all sewing stuff till Tuesday, because she needs her machine back. Aaaah why, oh why does this happen to meee?
Furthermore I had to make Sasuke's overall a two-piece, because I was just not able to make an overall-pattern that fitted the shape of my body. I blame the fabrics, not my body, though. XD""
Gnah. Today I will make the headbands and then go to the party of Tina and Robin.. and well after the awakening from the expected party-death I will go back to Leipzig and continue sewing-work there.
Not that I could've avoided it by starting the sewing right after making the plans last October... or even earlier XD;;

Just one last random fact:
Mommy told my that there was a report on Galileo about Visual Kei and stuff.. and OHMYGAWD!
I remembered that the Pro7-crew filmed on the Kö-Vit I attended in January... I did my best to hide from the cameras, but, well... I failed. Ahahaha... there you go Qan.. one time attending a little con in Cologne and swoooosh you're on TV. oh noez!

Oookay, that should be all for now. I'm going to cuddle my pets and tinker a little.
See ya.. hopefully in RL at the LBM next weekend and on the interneeeeetzzzz after that. Hoho!

PS. I started watching ouran koukou hosuto bu --- hrm fack in Kanji this looks way better xD; 桜蘭高校ホスト部 HAR! uhm, well and it's cool... kinda. I so want to see Tamaki and Haruhi getting finally together. Nyaaa~~
But uhm... you guys know, that I don't have anything against boys' love bla... ahaha noo not me.. but I CAN'T STAND THIS FAKKIN TWINCEST SHIT! xDDD and also the girls' screaming about Mitsukuni and Takashi >___>

Hihi.. but I like this best friends-attitude from the twins towards Haruhi <3~
Ah.. and I hope that Hikaru won't fall in love with her.. because.. because... aaah I donnu, but Tamaki is just so... fitting for her?! But Hikaru is cool, too. And could be cute if he gets his ass up and starts being nice... CRISIS!!! XD
I donnu which pairing I should worship. DAMN! serious problems, you guys... hmmm but since I'm going for the blonds nevertheless it HAS to be Tamaki. So.. go, go だんな!


Feb. 27th, 2009 10:45 pm
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Wow. Packed all my stuff today and oh my gawd. Where does all this shit come from? Seriously. I always thought I would not own this much of things, but when I tried to hide all those in my suitcase and some bags (clothes) I nearly cried. And what's even more disturbing is, that the cosplay-stuff is almost as much as my normal clothes. O_O"""
I truly can imagine my parents' faces tomorrow: @_________@
"Wigs... styrofoam heads... fabrics... wtf?!"
Ahahaha ^^°

Random side note: When I packed my Cloud and [L] plushies I suddenly realised that my Ruffy plushie still is at my parents' house and I phoned them, my father picked it up and I was like: "DAD DAAAD! Emergency.. I NEED the ... the pirate plushie.. you know the one with the straw hat, sitting on the little ship and----" "You mean that Ruffy-thing? lol... lol lol... your mum just packed it into the bag."
Brain connection? XD

Hah~ oh well I'm very looking forward to seeing tomorrow morning, even if it's 6 a.m. in the morning, when my eyes will have to open.
Hm.. I donnu how long I will be cut from the internet, so I tell you guys good bye till.. somewhen.
If anything comes up, I guess most of you have my phone number, ne?
Plus, I will go to the library sometimes, to check up e-mails and stuff.

Take care <3~


Feb. 26th, 2009 09:40 am
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Grad meinen Strom über Telefon bestellt und ALTAR! war die Dame gut! o_O""
Oh lol, ich bin so krank, hab ich nich erstma die Zeit gestoppt? Und in Gedanken immer meine Häkchen gemacht, bei allem, was sie mich gefragt und mir als Info dazugegeben hat?
Die Arbeit als Kundenberaterin macht mich irre XD;;;
Und neidisch bin ich nun auch auf die eprimo-Telefonisten. Warum? Die gute Frau hat meinen Auftrag in 6:27 min abgehandelt und mir nebenbei noch Fragen beantwortet - das wäre bei uns ein Ding der Unmöglichkeit (jedenfalls mit mir am Telefon). Warum (das nu wieder)?
Ganz einfach: Ich wette, die haben ein viel kooperativeres Programm als wir, das schnell arbeitet und nicht erstmal 10 Sekunden sinnlos damit verbringt, etwas zu suchen, was man gerade eingeben will @___@""
Muh. Ich wollte ja fast fragen, mit welchem Programm sie arbeitet, aber das darf sie mir ja nich sagen T___T.

Was noch? Heute läuft der Streich-Marathon. Der ganze Flur muss noch. Ouahahaha! Freu ich mich da drauf, gestern hatte ich abends so derbe Kopfweh, weil ich den ganzen Tag inmitten von Farbe verbrachte, wie schön wird es heute sein?
Dabei habe ich doch eigentlich vor, heute Abend mit Suzanna <3~ wieder ins DF zu gehen und in die 80er zurückzureisen. Mwaha.
Na ma sehn, was der Schädel sagt.

Habt nen guten Tag.
(Ich schreib auch nur so viel, weil ich dann erstma ne Weile kein Inet haben werde. OH NOEZ!)
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Yo, yo dudes!
I hope your weekends were good... in fact, mine was!
I, finally, found a design for the walls in my new flat.
It combines the colours I wanted to use so badly and my affinity for crosses and... well a certain person from a certain band. The one of you who finds out, who inspired me, gets a... beer? xD;
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