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Yo, yo dudes, here I am again with a new entry. Hoho!
Today I had my presentation in my Anglistics seminar about the Victorian Age Culture and Arts.
It was a group work and, well, I have to say it turned out quite good, actually. YES!
At the moment the prof said that my mark is a 1.3 with a tendency to 1.0 (we have to hand an excerpt of one of our source-texts and another mini-task in until next week).
Let's just say: WOUHO! At least I have no problems in one of my subjects. Hah!
Well, I'm planning not to have any problems in Japanese as well. Next week on Wednesday I'll have my language exam. Ugh.. there's quite a lot to learn again (as always). But I think I can manage this. :)

What else? Last weekend I watched the Anime "Shiki" (屍鬼) which is the adaption of a light novel and also turned into a manga.
I have to say it was one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen. The story is quite good, actually.
It's about a smal village called Sotoba and the people living there. One summer the great European style mansion in the village gets new owners - strange people who moved in at night. Around the time of their arriving people in the village start to die of uncertain reasons.
The only doctor in the village, Ozaki Toshio, tries to find out which disease hunts the village people down. A second main character would be Yuuki Natsuno, a 15-year-old high-school student who moved into Sotoba a year ago and only wishes to get back to the big city again. The two of them find out after a while what the real cause of the numerous deaths is...
Well.. that's the story without any spoilers in short form. If you like horror, psychological and gory stuff you should give this anime a try.
I started reading the manga as well, because due to the shortness of the anime (22 episodes) not all character plots are developed as they should/could be. I guess the novel is even better, maybe I'll read it, too... it's Japanese only, but maybe I'll be able to get one while I'm in Japan.
(Ah yeah.. lol I never mentioned this here, but I'll definitely go on an internship this year, starting in May/June, I assume. I want to work at a hotel (in Okinawa, when I get the place there for summer or in Hokkaidô for winter). I applied already and had an interview with the dudes at  the Australian organisation which provides the internship slots. Right now they're negotiating the possibilities. I hope everything will turn out well. I can't stand university at the moment and need to get out of here to regain some energy and positive thinking concerning my studies. Oh lol a few weeks ago I thought I would go nuts if I were to be stuck in university any more second. xD")
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Da hat es nun angefangen, das Jahr 2011.
Bin vor 3 Stunden aus Lauchhammer wieder hier in Leipzig eingetroffen und habe eigentlich noch gar keine Lust, wieder hier zu sein. Die Zeit Zuhause hat mir verdammt gut getan: Chillen mit den Eltern, ausgiebiges Kuscheln und Spielen mit Tom, Swifti und Bica und das Abhängen mit meinen Freunden.
Hach, ich kann nur immer wieder sagen, wie froh ich bin, dass ich mich mit den Leuten von "damals" immer noch so gut verstehe. Es ist einfach was anderes, wenn man mit den Leuten aufgewachsen ist, als wenn man neue, zwar nicht oberflächliche, aber dennoch 'andersartige' Freundschaften hier so beim Studium und so beginnt. Ich freue mich zwar wie Sau, die Leute hier auch wiederzusehen, aber wie gesagt, war und bin ich noch gar nicht in der Stimmung, das gute, alte Zuhausegefühl wieder abflauen zu lassen. Hätte gut noch 2-3 Wochen mehr vertragen können. :)
Hängt vielleicht damit zusammen, dass in den vergangen zwei Wochen wieder so viel geniale Scheiße passiert ist und gewisse Beziehungsgrade sich noch um Einiges vertieft haben. Hihi.
Da denkt man, das Jahr war schon turbulent genug und dann endet es in einem Riesenkaboom und ich weiß immer noch nicht, was ich davon halten soll. Im Moment kann ich, wie schon die Tage zuvor, nur irre darüber kichern. :D

Freue mich aber schon auf unsere nächste Motto-Party, auf der ich dann endlich mal wieder dabei sein kann. Die letzten beiden musste ich aufgrund von Geld-/Zeitmangel leider ausfallen lassen. Anyways, die kommende trägt den wundervollen Titel "Puff'n'P0rn". Tobias und ich werden die Puffeltern sein, steht schon fest. Schließlich ist das unser Notfallplan, falls unser/e Ausbildung/Studium nicht so laufen wie geplant: der genialste Puff der Weltgeschichte, für Damen und Herren aller sexuellen Ausrichtungen. HUA HUA HUA!
Die Party wird quasi schon mal ein Vorgeschmack und evtl. auch eine Rekrutierungsaktion. Brauchen ja schließlich Finanzberater, IT-Spezialisten, Lehrer für die integrierte Schule usw. usf.
Wie ihr seht, ist das alles schon durchgeplant. :D

Ja, was noch? Das Jahresende 2010 war für meinen Teil sehr nüchtern, bis auf 1400 mg Paracetamol war ich nämlich total nicht high. Hatte zunächst überlegt, ob ich mich mit nem Grog ins Bett verziehe, aber ich dachte, ich muss meine Dudes noch mal sehen. Gute Entscheidung!  Stimmte mich mit der Übertragung von Michael Jacksons History Konzert von ... uuh 1997, glaub ich, das auf 3sat gesendet wurde schon mal gut ein.
Die Party an sich war ganz angenehm, aber doch etwas eintönig. Feierten dieses Jahr leider nicht alle zusammen. Beim nächsten Mal wird das wieder anders. (Falls ich da in Deutschland bin.)
Das schönste am Neujahrsmorgen war aber, als ich gegen halb 4 mit Robin und Jule heimlief, sie bei sich ablieferte und dann noch ca. eine  3/4 Stunde zu mir nach Hause spazierte, mit schön laut Mucke an und so. Queen und Luna Sea und der Luftbass immer schön am Dröhnen. Die Leute, die mich haben da laufen sehen, dachten sicher, wie full muss die sein? Aber na ja. :D

So, das war's erstmal. Hoffe, ihr seid alles gut reingerutscht.
Bleibt sauber, viel Gesundheit und alles, was ihr noch so braucht wünsch ich euch!

P.S. Mir ist aufgefallen, dass ich gar keinen "sex"-tag habe. WAS IS DA LOS?! ah.. ich nannte es p0rn. :D

Oh, news.

Oct. 17th, 2010 05:43 pm
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Hi dudes,

hope you're all well.
Today I planned to format my computer in order to fix the issues bothering me for the last 2 weeks.
My baby randomly shut down and error messages concerning RAM or drivers occured. Ugh... Saved all my data und was ready to go this noon, but then I got a cool idea. Hah, since the problems started after I installed new drivers for my graphics board, I decided to remove them and re-install it all. <-- Went good, until now. Afterwards I spent ~2.5 hours testing each of my RAM bars. Seems every one of them is fine. Hm... so I ended up not formating, which is cool... if the problems will be gone for real now. I'm still afraid that this is just the quiet before the storm.

I passed my re-exam in Japanese. 3.0. Not that good, but well.. guess I really have to learn every day a little bit and not just randomly 1 day before those little tests. Hm... Uni started a week ago and I managed it to do something extra-curricular every day until now. Have to continue and then.. well hopefully my marks will go up, back to the status from one year ago. *_*"

My dad bought a new cat for my mum.
He's a ragdoll/persia mix and called "Tom", which is super funny because a friend of mine shares the same name. "Tomtom!!" Haha. :D

This is the young man residing at my mum's side.
Phoned my parents this afternoon and he seems to finally calm down. They had a sleepless night, because little Tom didn't feel too well.

I'm happy for my mum, because she really loves cats and I guess it's good for her to have one around again.
But to be honest I feel awkward... maybe it's because I can't be at home right now and get in touch with our new family member. Since I have money problems at the moment I'm not able to go home randomly. :(
But to be honest, I felt shitty when I first saw the photos today. My first thoughts were: "This is not my baby. It's not him." I guess I'm not ready for a new cat, yet. I don't know if it would change when I were there... sigh. I really hope it will get better, because I want to welcome him as a new family member, properly.


Jul. 19th, 2010 12:54 am
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Weeks and weeks without an entry, and now I'm spamming your f-lists.
Sorry... ;D

Today I started playing Assassin's Creed. Got the first part from a friend and decided to play it before dealing with the second one. Guess it's better to do so, since there's reference to the first one...
I'm still having problems with the controlling, but I hope that'll get better soon. It's been a while since I played games on computers. Having a controller is quite another thing.

Hah.. this evening should've been a nice one, bbq with the Latin-group in a little kind of park near Kristin's home.
All was fine.. until the twilight came.

Yes, I am deadly afraid of those damn fuckin oh my god I hate you so much cockchafers (Mai- bzw Junikäfer).
And yes I thought the hard part was over since the night at the Völkerschlachtsdenkmal when there were pretty much.
But today... holy shit, I never saw this many of them.

And I know that this is bullshit but it seemed they'd been chasing only me.
The last times I've been running from them and yeah, sometimes I screamed, too.
But.. oh fack, today I thought I was dying. Literally.

I screamed and cried and ran from them.
Guess I had a fit.
I couldn't breathe properly and started choking.
And I screamed, screamed, screamed.

I donnu how long it took my friends to realize, that my  begging for "Help, help HEEELP" was real.
Seemed like forever... maybe it was an hour? I donnu.

I'm sorry when I creeped you out, but it never was that hard to deal with it.

Those fuckers don't realize that we are human, they think we're trees. Oh well, I don't care. I don't want to see them, to hear them and holy shit not to feel them.

I really fuckin thought I was going to die.
Donnu if this fit was caused by my current psychological instability, but the ugliest thing was, that no one came to help me.

Yes, the last time I scolded one of them, because he was laughing and I thought he meant it in a bad way, but holy fack I was screaming for help like someone who's about to be assassinated and still nobody seemed to care.
Until I "please, please, please"d and finally Anna and Sophie came.


I'm sorry if I scared you or anything, but the next time, pls hold me and put me to the ground.. it would be okay to even tackle me down.
But I don't want to run around like the insane bastard I was tonight feeling as if everything's going to end.

Shit. I mean it. Holy shit.

I needed like another hour to calm down completely.
Thomas said I must have lost like hundreds of calories... haha I could think of quite a better way to do sports.
I don't want to experience that again. Never ever again.

Well that's pretty it.

Just a question: Is there anything out there that makes you act like someone completely nuts?
Like spiders, buttons, squares... or something?

I hope I'm not the only one that gets this... whatever.
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Okonomiyaki, anyone?

----------- )

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lol, this day full of shit turned out to be gorgeous.


See this:
Games Convention Online started today. Unfortunately I felt so damn tired, because yesterday, when Jule came over for a short visit, we met up with Stephan, Bine and Martin in a little park nearby and wasted ourselves. Weell.. this was good, actually.. only the morning after... hmmm xD;;;
Okay, nevertheless, I went to the GCO and although I had to cope with the fact, that the convention really got smaller (which was obvious because of the new concept and those bastards in Cologne *coughs*) my first impressions are quite good.
I don't play online anymore.. I never was a real online gamer anyway, but I saw some very good-looking games today. Unfortunately I'm a coward and didn't test them, yet.
Yes! I always feel shy and scared when it comes to gaming in public? Why? Because I always think, that if I fail (because I don't get the controlling right or whatever at the beginning) people will laugh at me. Especially men. Because.. yeees I'm only a stupid girl, who likes games. >__>
<--- I know, this is nonsense, but I can't bring myself to don't give a shit about that. ^^°°

So... DUDES! When you see me tomorrow, please tug me to the next PC and force me to play, thank you very much.
(The persons of the stands must think I'm a total sociophobic psycho, because I only stared and never talked to anyone. xD"")

Ah.. well I got famous today... or at least something like this must've happened.

1st: I got molested by a drunk bastard, when I was sitting in the Community Hall and watching the band. When this weirdo sat next to me and leant over I jumped and told him to piss off, but he didn't listen and came nearer. I was so enraged if he would've continued, I would've killed him right away. Anyway, I went to the technicians, whose little stand was slightly behind me and asked for help. The dude there was super friendly and told me to stay with him until that bastard left.
Argh.. sometimes I ask myself why I'm always so nice and cool, when people piss me off. I so wanted to slap this bastard.. but uh oh.. the public.. haha ;)

2nd Hendrik from City Comics was my chauffeur back into the city in the evening, because I needed to change clothes and eat something. He brought Linda back home and then picked me up again for the concerts. Whooo! I was able to get into the convention by the exhibitor's entrance.

3rd When the last band started playing, Reisegruppe Fischer is their name, btw check 'em out! ... eehm well, when they started there were only hmm let's say 5 ordinary GCO-visitors in the hall and the staff + band (friends) and so.. whouh! I was invited to dance with the band on stage. Hahah there was one other girl and one of the catering women. Awesome! Later other people came back into the hall as well.. but we weren't more than 30 people.. so it got a private jam-session ;D
It's sad, that so many people left the con so early. DUDES! Tomorrow is another row of concerts! Come and watch, the bands are really worth it!
The ones I saw today, were amazing! I only can remember one other name, which was "Das Action Team", but I saw 4 other bands, too. Gnah!

4th Since tomorrow.. or let's say.. later today I have to be early @ the GCO again for the cosplay competition, I decided to leave around 12 p.m. When I got outside there was a big shuttle bus waiting and random taxis. I went to the bus driver and asked till which station he would go and he said: "Where do you want to go?" I told him where I lived but that the main station would be okay, anyway. And he was like.. "Are there others coming?" I said, no because a DJ just had started to play and he was like: "Okay, get in. I'll take you home!"
DUDES! That guy drove me in a fucking shuttle bus straight to my front door! Hahah.. Gorgeous!

So... although I was and still am damn tired and had some weird experiences today, it was just oaaah so cool. Hohoho! But I guess Murphy's law will hit me anyway.
I bet tomorrow I have to walk home or something. ;D

Anyway... I have to sleep now, can't keep my eyes open anymore.
Have a good night, dudes!

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Yo, yesterday I had a short holiday in Berlin, Germany's oh so big capital and one of the most cruel cities, I know.
As you can read: I survived.

Mainly due to Mrs Feder's "Let's give Qan some sweets!" tour, I guess.
I met up with her at the Alexanderplatz and went to a little cupcake café near the Hackescher Markt. I forgot the name and the exact place, damn! But oooooooh *_* I never ate cupcakes before and they were so... soo sweet and yummy and fuckin' cute looking. Even the interior of the café looked like those from a doll house. Mrs Feder fit perfectly in, 'cause she was wearing a sailor-like skirt and blouse and a cap and oh my gawd, she looked so cute (like all persons wearing the "Loli"-style, I know, do) and I somehow felt the strange urge to fold my hands before my mouth and squeaking all the time.

Actually we wanted to take a look at the Harajuku Day event near the Friedrichsbrücke, but since the weather was a whole mess we decided to go window-shopping. When we got in to the Claire's store, a saleslady approached us instantly and gave us one of those little baskets with glimmering hope in her eyes, screaming: "BUY SOMETHING GLIMMERING AND CUTE AND PINK, PLEASU!" Well... we destroyed her hope, I'm afraid.

Besides all the window-shopping we had really great talks about fandom and cosplay. WUAHAHAHA! It's sooooo good to have someone one can share the love, with *_*"""
Later in the afternoon we went to the Harajuku Day place and I had the chance to meet Jessy there, who was completely stunned and disbelieving that I would come to Berlin. Haha, her face was so awesome. ^^
Actually we looked for some friends of Feder, but when they seemed not to be there, we decided to go... la la la, just as we were about to leave the place, Feder took a glance of them.
So I met Nina, Mrs Krone, Hachi and Nina's boyfriend, whose name I.. aaaah forgot.
/shame on me!
We sat down on the grass and stared at other people, which was funny. Muaha. I somehow felt strange again, sitting between all those cutey Loli-girls in my baggy pants XD""" but the atmosphere was cool. Later another girl with beautiful locks appeared (I forgot her name, too.. this is so bad >__<). Most of the time we were opening and closing our umbrellas because the rain was coming and going like it pleased. Grah!
One funny aspect: One of the... hmm I guess she was kind of event-admin, approached us (it was around 4 pm) and said: "Ohayoooooooo you "Abseitssitzer" (people sitting aside from the main crowd)! The cosplay challenge is starting soon, maybe you want to come nearer?"
Instantly the student in me raised his evil mind and I hardly could resist from correcting her. Ohayô.. at 4 pm... thank you very much. >___>

Hrm. But since we wanted to go eating (crèpes, yay!) again, we denied. Hachi, Mrs Krone, the super locks girl and Feder wanted to go to the cinema later and since the first three wanted to eat something non-sweet, we said goodbye and went to the underground station of the Alexanderplatz. Down there are several little shops for food, such as Dunkin' Donuts and stuff. And... oooooooh "PomPom's Crèpes" it's a Japanese store and the crèpes are so... amazing there *_*
I took a strawberry crèpe listening to Feder's and Nina's advice. The shop-owner also had green tea ice cream *_*"" Next time, I will eat some of this. It's so yummy!

After getting stuffed again, I walked Feder to the cinema and waited there with her and the others for my later company to arrive. Hohoho.. when their film was about to start, I went to the world's clock at the Alex again and met up with Lisa, Stefan and Patrick. Those three I met in the "emo-forum" I attended like 2 years ago. It's so funny, those guys aren't one percent of emo at all but I guess they're three of the most active users there. Muahaha.
I learnt something, again. Don't meet with "normal" guys when you had a day full of fandom, Qan!
Lisa asked, how my day was so far and I was like: "EATING; VIDEO GAMU; COSPLAY; WAHAHAHAH!!!" And the three were like: Ahum... XD;; (Dudes, she is a fuckin' freak, maybe we should leave her and run for our lives?!)
Well.. they stayed, which was nice.
I drank one of the worst Mojitos I ever had in the Alex bar, beneath the television tower. If there's a cocktail-lover reading this entry: Don't go there! XD"

At 9 pm I had to meet up with the guys from my train ticket-sharing group. I was so damn tired. o_O"""
Around 12 pm I arrived at home again and fell onto my bed immediately.

Although the weather was a bitch, the day was wonderful *____*""
I'm very looking forward to see all the guys soon again. Feder and Co at the Connichi and the others at a concert in November. ... okay, this is not so soon, but at least in this year, so... it's okay. :D

Well, the day's summary would be: Went to Berlin, eating awesome sweets, having great talks about fandom and scaring normal people, yay! XD"""

Thanks for reading and  have a nice day, dudes!

PS: I'm afraid, I've a new favourite song. --> Kyosuke Himuro feat. Gerard Way - Safe And Sound.
It's SO strange, I hardly can stand Gerard Way's voice in MCR songs (there are only two, actually, which I kinda like), but in this song... it just sounds... awesome!
I keep telling myself that's only because of the fact, I always think of Cloud riding Fenrir, when I listen to it. XD
(It's the new ending for FFVII AC Complete)


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