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Ein herzliches Welkömm allen Lesern und solchen, die es vielleicht nie werden woll(t)en zu einer neuen Runde frischer (na gut, nicht ganz) Informationen aus dem Land der aufgehenden Sonne.

Nach der Okinawa-Ära *ding ding ding* läute ich hiermit die Kansai-Runde ein.
Begonnen hat der ganze Spaß am 6.11.2011 als ich um ca. 8:33 in den Flieger von Naha nach Kobe stieg.
Ein letztes Mal Okinawa-Meer und Sonne und Erinnerungsflashhhhh, dann ging es ab, zum erschreckenderweise nicht wirklich blauen Meer am Kobe-Hafen und frischen 20 Grad.
ICH TRUG EINEN PULLOVER!! (und habe dennoch gefroren.)

Davon abgesehen waren die drei folgenden Tage angefüllt mit Sehenswürdigkeiten bestaunen, lecker Essen, noch VIEL besseren Drinks und.. so.

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Hi peeps, today's update will be an English one, just because... well, I can.
To all those poor fellows who can't read German: I'm in Okinawa, Japan, on my internship mission at Rizzan Sea Park Hotel since July, 5th.

Days have gone by and pretty much stuff happened.

Let's get started:
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Aye, aye it's been a month since the last entry. Oups.

How've you been doing, dudes? I hope everything's fine where ever you are at the moment.

I went to my parents' home for Christmas, arrived at the 18th December and actually managed to do something for university in the first week. But, oh my, it wasn't much and I have to start learning and reading again, soon, or I'll be in trouble.
Anyways, the time has been amazing so far. I don't know, yet if things are really getting better or I'm only getting weirder, finding weirder stuff "better". xD""
We had lots of parties here, e.g. I went for dinner with my friends on 23rd, got to the yearly Christmas Club Party at an old power plant (Kraftwerk sounds so much better, seriously!) on 25th and yesterday we went to the, also yearly, alumni feast. Holy crap, it was good.

This morning I came home around 4:45 and since it had snowed nearly all night long I got the nice idea, only a drunk person would have, to clear the street in front of our house and the yard from snow. Amazing me! XD"
Honestly, this was high end sports! It took me about 1.5 hours and when my father got up for work and opened the window after showering he caught a sight of me and was all like "WTF!?!? How long have you... holy. I'll make you a cup of tea." So after finishing the snow clearing I had some tea with my dad who, then went to work. Oh lol. I actually really enjoyed doing this. It was quiet and not too cold and my dogs were playing with the snow I shoveled around. Nice morning. The only bad thing is I couldn't sleep that long. Went to bed around 6:30 but got up again at 12 o'clock. Nah.

Will see what the day will be like. Today's schedule is pretty relaxing - girls' night. Wouho!
Tomorrow we want to go swimming and on Thursday it'll be lugeing. :D Looking forward to this.

Take care, dudes.
That's all from my side for now. See ya.

P.S. I finally met Tom, our new cat. We get along pretty well, I'd say. He is quite cuddly and we play alot. Unfortunately I forgot my camera in Leipzig, so I can't make a proper video. Hmpf.
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It's been two months since the last entry, holy moly... I'm sorry.
Although I thought about updating often I simply was too lazy.
That is, why this entry will be about 2 weeks lying almost a month in the past, too.

I went to my parents' home on the 13th August because they left for a two weeks holiday and I had to keep an eye on the house, garden, my tomcat and the rabbits.
Well... every time my parents went on holiday they already knew what would happen... this time was no exception.
2 weeks full of party! Wouhooooooooooo!
In the first week I threw 3 parties:
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Welcome to the not so new year, dudes!
I hope you all had a great party or at least a very relaxing 31st December 2009.

My new year's eve was awesome. I celebrated it with 12 friends in a club named "washroom" in Dresden. We went there by train around 19:45 and dissed some little bitches. XD"
We drank (sparkling) wine and beer, ate some fruits and prepared a banana peel on the ground for those little fuckers to slip. But it didn't work that good. :(
Anyway.. we had fun.
Ah and just in case, you wonder why we got so angry about those little girls: We had to stand all the time in a movement between the train cabins, cause it was so crowded in there. Those little bitches ripped the doors open and hustled one of us and after that even snapped at us, several times. We didn't do anything.
I just said, in my most polite voice: "Maybe it would be cleverer to actually say something before bumping into other people. We would've made room for you, you know?"
That was, when Robin just stood in her way. She was all shouting and snapping "Let me through you asshole!" and such, he was just like: "Nope..."
I donnu what people think, sometimes.. or if they even think at all. ^^"
Anyway, the girl was pissed and did say some more nice things to us, that was when I got a little, but just a little, pissed:
"Well stop bitching around and get your ass out of here, or should I help you?"
Maybe she got a little scared then. Hm :(
Sometimes I get easily annoyed... and well I must admit I felt a little aggressive.
Anyway, we arrived at the party around 22:30 and stayed till 5:30 in the morning. Our train back came 6:45.
Ouuuh I was so drunk.. but in a good way. It was an all-inclusive party and I actually thought, that they would water the drinks down... but hell now, they did fackin 50-50 mixtures O____O
I drank coke-rum all night and maybe this was the reason for my good feeling. :D

In the morning, when I came back to my parents' home, it was 8:30 and I decided to have breakfast with my family. AWESOME!
I was sooo drunk and even my father was still a little tipsy. Went to bed around 9:30 and slept till 17:00.
Wouuuh in the evening Veegie and I went to Maestro's house, where he, Rothi, Sören and the both of us had a nice evening playing card games and talking. We even drank the rests of the last night's party. I had a bottle of sparkling wine for my own. Ouh shit. I was still drunk from the silvester party and expected to be dead after that.. but I only felt good.

Hmmm... what next? Ah, yeah... on Saturday I went to see Eric and Mr Hase.. it ws cool to meet him again :)
I walked to them.. and ooooh, it took me only an hour. Yay! I love walking in the snow. ^^
Maestro phoned me, and asked if I wanted to come luging. ^^
I tried to convince Mr Hase and Tom, which was kind of easy. Unfortunately Eric was not in mood for going out. I'm still a little sad.. because he missed a bunch of fun out there :D

We were in a little okay.. not so little forest in Lauchhammer Nord, where a motocross route is situated and therefore lots of lovely hills arise.
Ouh my gawd, it was sooo amazing luging there. We only had 3 skids, but that didn't matter. We used plastic bags and our very bodies. XD
Hahaha it was so slippery and I even fell in the snow with the face first. XD"

I want to go luging in Leipzig, too. But therefore, I need to get healthy again. I caught an annoying cold :(
I've the sniffles and my body hurts.. aaah and this morning I had kind of a fever dream. o_O""
My alarm ringed at 7:30 and I was sure, that I stood up.
I got myself prepared for university, took a shower, had a little breakfast and then got out and went to the campus.
On my way, I felt dizzy and suddenly I passed out. Just before I hit the ground I woke up.. lying in my bed all sweaty and stuff :(
It was 14:00 and I missed 6 hours!
It was scary. I was so sure, that I stood up after hearing my alarm clock.


Dec. 9th, 2008 03:00 am
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Ich bin schwer betrunken, aber ich fühle mich extrem nüchtern. wtf?
Habe zum ersten Mal in meinem Leben eine extrem (eeeextrem) ernstgemeinte SMS wirklich mit dem Wortlaut geschrieben, der mir grad ins Hirn schoss.
Wenns ihr Handy nicht zuerst der falschen Person in die Hände fällt, war's gudd.. wenn nich, hab ich ma eben ein bis zwei (oder sogar drei, zählt man das Tier mit) Freundschaften gekillt.
Werden wir sehn.

Oh Mann.
Klatsche hoch zehn.
Party bei Camilo <3
Es tat so gut. SO verdammt gut.
Hach, ich hab ne Idee, wo ich hinziehen könnte. Wenn's passt. Vielleicht. Hohoh.
Ach ja.
Noch vier Stunden Schlaf, dann geht's zu Japanisch.
Ob ich aufstehe? JA JA JA!
Sakai-sans Nachgeburtstagsdings darf ich nich verpassen.
Uh oh.

Ich fühl mich so nüchtern... aber ich hab zu viel getrunken. Wahaha Wohooodka, Biiiiier, Weeeein... normalerweise müsste ich kotzen?!

Camilo ich lieb dich, hahaha <3<3<3<3

Bin aufgestanden. HOHOHO!
Sakai-sensei ist so die Beste! Hat sich über ihr Geschenk gefreut, die Gute. Und wieder nur Crap geruppt heute... Würd schon fast das böse Wort benutzen wollen: 可愛い

Antwort auf SMS habe ich soeben per ICQ erhalten. Lustig: ICQ-Nachricht wurde geschrieben, bevor ich die SMS versandt hab. LOL Gedankenfickübertragung. Mwaha.
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who of you did this?!

Yesterday I was SO begging for snow and this morning, when I brought my completely wasted self to the window and wanted to figure out what this somewhat shiny and yet so dark feeling was...

aaaawww~ I love it :D

Besides I'm completely dead. xD;
The concert was awesome, which I never had expected, since Qntal's music is very calm and stuff, but their performance was so full of atmosphere and energy and ooooh yes. Awesome.

One more thing to add: I'm thankful to whoever is responsible for making me being attracted to women, cause seriously... *____* they're so damn worth it XD;;;


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