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Yo, yo dudes, here I am again with a new entry. Hoho!
Today I had my presentation in my Anglistics seminar about the Victorian Age Culture and Arts.
It was a group work and, well, I have to say it turned out quite good, actually. YES!
At the moment the prof said that my mark is a 1.3 with a tendency to 1.0 (we have to hand an excerpt of one of our source-texts and another mini-task in until next week).
Let's just say: WOUHO! At least I have no problems in one of my subjects. Hah!
Well, I'm planning not to have any problems in Japanese as well. Next week on Wednesday I'll have my language exam. Ugh.. there's quite a lot to learn again (as always). But I think I can manage this. :)

What else? Last weekend I watched the Anime "Shiki" (屍鬼) which is the adaption of a light novel and also turned into a manga.
I have to say it was one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen. The story is quite good, actually.
It's about a smal village called Sotoba and the people living there. One summer the great European style mansion in the village gets new owners - strange people who moved in at night. Around the time of their arriving people in the village start to die of uncertain reasons.
The only doctor in the village, Ozaki Toshio, tries to find out which disease hunts the village people down. A second main character would be Yuuki Natsuno, a 15-year-old high-school student who moved into Sotoba a year ago and only wishes to get back to the big city again. The two of them find out after a while what the real cause of the numerous deaths is...
Well.. that's the story without any spoilers in short form. If you like horror, psychological and gory stuff you should give this anime a try.
I started reading the manga as well, because due to the shortness of the anime (22 episodes) not all character plots are developed as they should/could be. I guess the novel is even better, maybe I'll read it, too... it's Japanese only, but maybe I'll be able to get one while I'm in Japan.
(Ah yeah.. lol I never mentioned this here, but I'll definitely go on an internship this year, starting in May/June, I assume. I want to work at a hotel (in Okinawa, when I get the place there for summer or in Hokkaidô for winter). I applied already and had an interview with the dudes at  the Australian organisation which provides the internship slots. Right now they're negotiating the possibilities. I hope everything will turn out well. I can't stand university at the moment and need to get out of here to regain some energy and positive thinking concerning my studies. Oh lol a few weeks ago I thought I would go nuts if I were to be stuck in university any more second. xD")

Yo ^___^v

Jul. 2nd, 2009 03:00 pm
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今日の試験は。。。 ah sorry, I'm still in kinda Japanese-"mode".
What I wanted to say actually, was: Today's exam went... quite good. Honestly, I'm a bit shocked about how much I knew. o_O"""
I hope it's not just a feeling.

Thanks again to anyone who said "Good luck". ^___^

The English Presentation on Tuesday was cool, too. Only one quote from Dr. Ronny... eh Ronthaler: "Actually.. that made my day."
Yoooosh >_< \m/

Next exams to go: English History and Literature --> 14th July, and Japanese History --> 15th or 16th July.
Sa~ I should learn.. but I guess a day off is okay. Wah.
Saturday I will go out and blow off my mind *coughs* I need new room for knowledge. XD;

I want those exams to end soon. I'm sooo eager to sewing my costumes for the Connichi and the Death Note group shooting. Kyahaha!
Oh.. random note.. I FINALLY!!!! (after ... like... 6 years?!) started watching "Weiß Kreuz" and... oh my gawd! I was always so uber fascinated by it and now.. I hmm... I think Tsuchiya Kyoko should've put all of it in a manga. The anime is just so.. wtf. They're killers!! And the only blood that's visible is a little red on their weapons. Weeebooo! >___<

But oooh yes... 6 years ago I decided on Yôji to be my favourite character (and played his role in an online RPG, ne.. remember, Eli? ^^°) and wouh... he actually is my favourite. Hohohoo.. hentaiii ... and emo.. but they're all emo, so.. hmm ^^°

What else... aaaah a message for all the MUCC fans on my friends list:
18th October - Berlin. Who will be there?!
I know that some of you will be attending the concert in Munich (I would like to go there, too.. but it's too expensive >_<), but I hope that there're still some of you who will go to Berlin?!

Okay, that's all so far.
Have a nice day, dudes.

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I'm totally drooling over Ghibli films... again. Aaaw.
Last night I found a video record of the "Spirited Away" performance, two little kids did on the LBM.

Yes, an Uchiha becomes a completely fangirl. Oh, oh. And yees.. I did cry... (and hiding behind your collar is nonsense. WOOHOO!) and I do it every time I see this fakkin' video. *______*""

When I shut down my laptop around 02:30 a.m. this morning I wasn't that sure about feeling tired. After scanning my DVD-collection I just HAD to watch the anime again. Aaaww >___<"
And now... oh lol an old idea for a fanfcition plopped in my head again. Hm... but I'm not sure wether I will write something about that.... I donnu if I would make it or if I would crack it up. Ah... insecuuuurrrre.
Anyway... the last days of my holidays kinda mess my cicardian rhythm even moar than it's messed by now. I sleep in the day time (okay, now I'm awake, which is cool.. hoho) and run around sleepless at night. Oh yeeees, I want university to start, need my rhythm back!

I hope you dudes are doing okay, I read all of your entries but I'm a bitch at the moment and only comment and answer rarely. Sorry T_T


Jul. 6th, 2008 07:20 pm
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Tomcat Piet's appearance describes wonderfully, how I feel today:

Hehe :D
All I wanna do is lying around and relax and... watch D. Gray-Man *_____*
Daaaammit, this series gets better with every single episode.
*coughs* Okay, more about that later on.
... )
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I wonder why I got it again... I mean, I'm not ill, I didn't kiss anyone (besides my dog xD), I saw nothing ugly and disgusting...
So why the faaaackin hell did I get those little blisters?!

It hurts, it annoys me and... well that's all. And enough, of course!

What sucks the most? Last FM didn't count the music of my weekend and... it was A LOT! I had a party, there was music all night, I listened to several OSTs with Alex and NOTHING got scrobbled... or well... the program said, it was scrobbled, but nothing appeared on the last-fm-site. FAAAACK!!!
Why do I use this shiiiiit?! >____<

Hmm what to say?
I finished Death Note - after nearly 2 years. I'm awesome XD;;;;
What to say? It was one of the best anime series I ever saw... and HELL the dub actor of Raito Yagami was ... amazing *__________*

Now I'm rewatching the D. Gray-Man anime to get in mood for sewing Rhode Kamelot's blouse *dies*
*scratches head* Yeah I've nothing to say... *coughs*

Besides... I'm tired XD.
Hoah, and I must choose between watching D. Gray-Man and playing KH CoM. What to do, what to do?!
Play FFVII, biatch!!! ^^°°°°° or go to bed!

Take care, dudes!
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Hmmm I need your help, my dears.

I want to buy a Naruto figure from Bandai or whatever other japanese company (not Mattel or any other bullshit)... as a present. I'm looking for a figure of Kimimaro.

Does anyone of you know a homepage where I could find such a figure?

Aaaah >_____<

It seems items of this character are very rar, so... aaah but I neeeed it. It would be so gorgeous to find such a figure <3
So if any of you can help.. pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase *_*~


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