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Wuoh finally an update!
It's been a while, but since I waited for Dominik's photos to include them here, I hope you will be able to forgive me. ^^

First things first:
Leipzig book fair this year was splendid! After last year's convention and cosplay desaster I was afraid that I would never get into cosplaying and con-going again. But heeeey here I am!
Everything was relaxed and I was in good mood, too. Awesome!

Last autumn I randomly bought a wig for Nami (One Piece) because 1. Nami's cool, 2. I adore ginger hair and 3. I secretely wanted to cosplay her.
Since I'm not that confident with my body at the moment I wanted to sew an outfit of hers which doesn't show that much of skin. So I decided to do the first version one gets to see in the anime. It was comfy, not too warm and therefore very fitting for a con-weekend.
When I lost some weight and regained some muscles, other cosplays of her will follow. Her hair colour suits me so much that ppl even suggested I should dye it like that... (still thinking of it, btw.)
Today I watched the 291st and 292nd episode, the special episodes where the strawhats and lots of earlier characters are set in a kind of Tokugawa-era town, wearing kimono and hakama and stuff. *_*" Someday... ohohoho.

Anyway, here are some pictures, Dominik took at LBM's sunday:
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Mar. 23rd, 2010 04:02 pm
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Hello out there, here comes a short conclusion of this year's LBM.

To cut things short: It was the worst convention I ever had.
Not because of the con itself, not because of the people I hang around with... no.
Actually it was quite cool to have Fynn around and to meet up with Eric and Tom on Friday.
The cosplay competition was fine, too.
Had some fun with the other jury-members and later went around with Alex and then I met Franzi and Duc.
Sunday was okay, too.
Said hello to several ppl and hang out with Kasu.
All fine.... except: myself.

I never felt so utterly shitty during a convention.

If this should happen again, I will cancel on people.. because I don't want them to see me like this. I tried to keep things to myself, but sometimes, there were little break outs, I couldn't stop.
Uhm.. sorry again for that. >__<

What happened?
My cosplay was a mess. I mean.. a real mess.
I always tend to put things back, until a night before the convention, but everything worked out in the end.. well not everything, at least not this time.
Kaname's blouse was a horrible thing to do.
Actually it is not THAT difficult to make... I think.. and I already bought new fabrics to try it again, but last week was so full of emotional tohuwabohu that I wasn't able to handle it.
Cosplay drama, oh là là!

And.. well I wasn't in mood for a convention, to be honest. It was good to go there, because otherwise I would've spent the weekend at home being all gloomy, but it was hard not to whine and grump every second about how much things piss me off at the moment. ^^°°°

Yeah well... and I came to another conclusion.
I wrote an entry some weeks ago, saying that I feel something "serious" happened and that I hope I will manage it without crying... well I didn't.
I don't know how long this will last, but right now I feel like:

I hate it when I don't get any feedback. I wasn't pushing things, I did nothing wrong.
But instead of being that cowardly asshole, you could've just said: No, thanks.
It would've been so much easier.

Yeah well.. maybe you're shy or didn't get it until now... but if so.. oh my, I don't need someone who does not sense and care about me.

(You won't read this anyway, but it feels better to adress you directly, at least here.. for I don't want to talk to you until... well it's unadvoidable.)

Ah yeah... that's the situation in short terms.
Right now I'm happy to have a work, where I don't need to handle people all day long and I'm being a good girl, learning for next week's re-exam.

If I should be harsh and bitchy the next time, pls try to ignore it, okay?
I'm sorry if this should hurt you.. but right now I just want to kick someones' asses.. no matter whose.

Over and out.
Take care.
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Sorry for the delay, dudes, but I've been kind of busy even when I did nothing.
For now, I'll write about the weekend at the MMC in Berlin and the awesome Halloweenparty in Dresden. And... well about the concert I attended last Wednesday.

So, go ahead. :)
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lol, this day full of shit turned out to be gorgeous.


See this:
Games Convention Online started today. Unfortunately I felt so damn tired, because yesterday, when Jule came over for a short visit, we met up with Stephan, Bine and Martin in a little park nearby and wasted ourselves. Weell.. this was good, actually.. only the morning after... hmmm xD;;;
Okay, nevertheless, I went to the GCO and although I had to cope with the fact, that the convention really got smaller (which was obvious because of the new concept and those bastards in Cologne *coughs*) my first impressions are quite good.
I don't play online anymore.. I never was a real online gamer anyway, but I saw some very good-looking games today. Unfortunately I'm a coward and didn't test them, yet.
Yes! I always feel shy and scared when it comes to gaming in public? Why? Because I always think, that if I fail (because I don't get the controlling right or whatever at the beginning) people will laugh at me. Especially men. Because.. yeees I'm only a stupid girl, who likes games. >__>
<--- I know, this is nonsense, but I can't bring myself to don't give a shit about that. ^^°°

So... DUDES! When you see me tomorrow, please tug me to the next PC and force me to play, thank you very much.
(The persons of the stands must think I'm a total sociophobic psycho, because I only stared and never talked to anyone. xD"")

Ah.. well I got famous today... or at least something like this must've happened.

1st: I got molested by a drunk bastard, when I was sitting in the Community Hall and watching the band. When this weirdo sat next to me and leant over I jumped and told him to piss off, but he didn't listen and came nearer. I was so enraged if he would've continued, I would've killed him right away. Anyway, I went to the technicians, whose little stand was slightly behind me and asked for help. The dude there was super friendly and told me to stay with him until that bastard left.
Argh.. sometimes I ask myself why I'm always so nice and cool, when people piss me off. I so wanted to slap this bastard.. but uh oh.. the public.. haha ;)

2nd Hendrik from City Comics was my chauffeur back into the city in the evening, because I needed to change clothes and eat something. He brought Linda back home and then picked me up again for the concerts. Whooo! I was able to get into the convention by the exhibitor's entrance.

3rd When the last band started playing, Reisegruppe Fischer is their name, btw check 'em out! ... eehm well, when they started there were only hmm let's say 5 ordinary GCO-visitors in the hall and the staff + band (friends) and so.. whouh! I was invited to dance with the band on stage. Hahah there was one other girl and one of the catering women. Awesome! Later other people came back into the hall as well.. but we weren't more than 30 people.. so it got a private jam-session ;D
It's sad, that so many people left the con so early. DUDES! Tomorrow is another row of concerts! Come and watch, the bands are really worth it!
The ones I saw today, were amazing! I only can remember one other name, which was "Das Action Team", but I saw 4 other bands, too. Gnah!

4th Since tomorrow.. or let's say.. later today I have to be early @ the GCO again for the cosplay competition, I decided to leave around 12 p.m. When I got outside there was a big shuttle bus waiting and random taxis. I went to the bus driver and asked till which station he would go and he said: "Where do you want to go?" I told him where I lived but that the main station would be okay, anyway. And he was like.. "Are there others coming?" I said, no because a DJ just had started to play and he was like: "Okay, get in. I'll take you home!"
DUDES! That guy drove me in a fucking shuttle bus straight to my front door! Hahah.. Gorgeous!

So... although I was and still am damn tired and had some weird experiences today, it was just oaaah so cool. Hohoho! But I guess Murphy's law will hit me anyway.
I bet tomorrow I have to walk home or something. ;D

Anyway... I have to sleep now, can't keep my eyes open anymore.
Have a good night, dudes!

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Hey, hey dudes!
Qan's back in the virtual world, finally.
Got my internet connection on Friday last week, but since I attended Leipzig's bookfair as usual, I had no time to write earlier.
Actually I wanted to present you my flat at first, unfortunately it is still a mess and I need to clean. Plus I am ill so I cannot do my planned video-log about it. Damn it >_>!

Uhm.. yeah so this post's topic will be the LBM.
Go ahead and enjoy!

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Hello folks!

It's been a while since my last entry and finally, I found the time to write again.
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Nearly all of you are listening to Japanese music.
Soooo my question is:
If you'd attend a J-music-disco (let's say J-rock, cause sadly most of the other styles are not acceptable in German fanbase, yet), what bands/songs would you want to be played?

I would be thankful if you could help me out a little - maybe with youtube-links so I can check out the bands - cause I'm not up-to-date with the latest developments ^^°

Why do I ask?
A friend of mine asked me to be the "DJane" for the J-music-disco at the Shumatsu this year, so I want to be prepared :D~

What else?
I've been listening to Meat Loaf again, the last days. Aaaaaaaaah~~ I soooo wanna see him live, I'm waiting for a chance to attend one of his concerts since I'm 6 years old XD;;;;

Anyway~ have a nice Sunday! <3


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