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2 weeks till Connichi and I'm SCARED!

Eric phoned today and told me that yesterday he SUDDENLY realized, that his school trip collapses with the Connichi. SUDDENLY! MAAAAAN we fixed the tickets/hotel blah in January/March O_O;;;;
Hmmm now he's trying to find a solution to come to Kassel on Saturday (at least)
I hope he will manage it - firstly it would be truly sad not to have him around, secondly I'm simply not able to pay his money back for the hotel and ticket... I mean, I would find persons who'd need a ticket, but aaah ~~~
But he said, since it's his fault, that he didn't notice the coincidence, he wouldn't expect me to pay him back. What's even more shitty, cause I would feel bad for it >____<~~~
Gnaaaah, I hope he will make it.

Scared, the 2nd: I'm afraid of sewing the frills to my blouse - today I tried to make some and I totally failed (okay, it was bitchy fabrics, but still.. aaaaahm >____<)

Haaaah, but I have to do it! Go, go Qan! Don't be scared! xD;

What's good?
The weekend was awesome! AWESOME! It was so much fun to have my cosplay-group around~ aaah I feel so good for I've asked in the forum to make a group. It seems we fit perfectly together - there is no whining, no stress, no uber-pressure - only the fun in cosplaying and acting. YOSH!
We did rehearses and also took the recording for our performance. Right now I'm still working on cutting and putting it together~
It's just so senseless... and dorky and waaaah FUN!
If some you attend the Connichi and will be able to see the Cosplay-Contest on Saturday - plz watch us! :D~

Today my make-up for Rhode arrived and I tried it. WOAAAH *_* I had fear, that it would schmear (OMG! This word actually exists. LOL!! Love it!) but it does not! If I put some hair spray on it, it will be longlasting like the tortures of hell xD;
Fielmann also called and said, that my contacts are there... hmmm btw, I should go there and get 'em xD;

What else? Aww~ hmm I'm not in mood for posting all the G|C-photos anymore. The whining on animexx ennerved me too much. If some of you want to see them, anyway, go HERE.

Aaaand uuuuhm... this is for [ profile] abulic_puppet since you wanted to see a photo of me as Naminé, here you gooo:

(photo taken by Dante Thanks again <3)

That'd be all for now - bye, bye, dudes!

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Dudes... for all the messages (sms, e-mails, pms...), calls and hugs you dedicated to me on Sunday (and even yesterday ;D).
It truly made my day!
Saaa~ it's such a good feeling to have such friends.
Thanks again.. I can't really express what I felt when I was together with my dudes here in Leipzig or received every single message.

It still is a little weird, when I see this new number everywhere I often think: "21? Really?!"
Time runs faster and faster. I don't see this as a negative fact (at all), it is just impressive how fast the world turns round.

Hmmm on Saturday I had a little cooking session with a few friends here in Leipzig. I wasn't able to celebrate with all people I wanted to... if I would do that I had to throw a party in whole Germany (and some other parts of the world ;D)
Yo... I have some photos for you... badada~
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Okay... it's in my heart and my room XD;
Today was soooo awesome.
I went to the post office to get the package, I missed yesterday. I already "knew" that it would be Alex' birthday present (hey, after two months full of problems! YEAH!) but when I unwrapped the paper I got all *_____________________* hoho~ and THAT even without being a person who likes Sora that much. Ah, the figure was too awesome, that's my apology :D

I couldn't keep myself from taking some photos hihi~~ and FINALLY I can show my Roxas-figure to you, guys.
HAHAHAH! << there's the fangirl, omg!

*_______* )
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Maaaaaaan >_______<
I was so hoping for "Schlaaaaaaand" but the football game was ridiculous. I'm watching Austria against Poland right now and the first twenty minutes of it are waaaay more interesting than the whole game Germany vs. Croatia >____<
How sad.

Anyway - I wanted to show you my new hair cut, wich actually is adapted from the last one... so here you goooo:
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Dudes... I never knew I would miss artificial light so much xD;;

I prefer using daylight and when it gets darker, no problem for me... but right now I just wanna have a fackin working background light in my laptop >_____>

Okay, my buddy is ... like 6 years old now, but HELLO! I'm a poor poor student who has no money for a new "Invertermodul" or a new neonlamp, thanks a lot, over and out.
I'm only able to read what I wrote, when I mark it o_O;;;
Nice thing if you wanna read the latest LJ-entries or emails. HELLO emails! I even set my style-sheet of my laptop from violet back to white, but nooooothing helps *cries*

But... actually I wanted to tell you some good things ^^"

yay )
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... pentecost-weekend's cooking sessioooooooon.

Tomato salad plus
Spinach-Quiche "Peace, Man! May be the butterfly with you!"
Camilo's uber awesome pineapple-vanilla-girls-adore-these-berries-dessert

Qan presents "How to make SEASALT ICECREAM"

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... Mondays can be horrifying and awesome at once:

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