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Yeah, I know, why I should not become a psychologist.
When it comes to "such" stuff I'm always too honest and too harsh.... I simply have no patience anymore.

Anyways... it is your choice.
You can wallow in your misery or start to change it.
I know that it is sometimes easier just to lay still and enjoy the drama, sometimes one even needs it.

There were times when I got myself involved in others' dilemmas trying to help, but I learnt that it is always safer to stay aside, say something harsh, but fair (aha haha!) and in the end, people did it themselves.

Of course I will listen to you if you want to talk, but I do not want to interfere.

A quote from "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" to sum it up (I don't know how many times I used this one, already):

"I would die for you, but I won't live for you."


Feb. 10th, 2010 04:52 am
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Ich glaub, etwas schwerwiegendes ist passiert. Ich wollte das nicht, ich will das nicht. Aber im Moment kann ich nichts ändern. Ich hoffe nur, dass sich alles zum Guten wendet und ich nicht weinen muss, weil es so sehr wehtut.

Davon abgesehen lerne ich brav für Linguistik und bin voller Tatendrang für die Wiederholungsprüfung Japanisch. Und Cosplay und LBM.

uh noes!

Sep. 1st, 2009 09:23 pm
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My laptop is nearly dead. The harddrive's like "clack clack clack" all the time and no program will work. >___>
Right now I'm looking for a new PC. I hate this. Have to take money from my Japan-account, which sucks a lot.

I hope Robin and I will be able to save the data... otherwise I'll crack up. There's so much stuff on it, mostly pictures and texts, which mean a lot to me. Getting back the music and videos wouldn't be that much of a problem... but. Argh!

So, sorry! No birthday post and no comment about my last weekend with[profile] muffet_blog  , besides: It was awesome. xD

If you want to contact me, most of you have my mobile phone number... I will annoy a friend of mine the next days, to check mails and stuff.

I hope to see you soon, dudes.
<3 Take care.

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... ich kann nix. o_O"

Heute im Japanischunterricht, 2 Tage vor der Prüfung mal n paar Übersetzungsübungen und Grammatikübungen gemacht - "So wie sie in der Klausur drankommen."
Fazit: 80% des Kurses sitzen verkrampft auf den Stühlen. Vokabeln sind ein großes Problem - aber keins, was sich nich mit geschicktem Blick nach links und rechts lösen ließe, zumindest im Unterricht. Die Anwendung der Konditionalsätze jedoch. Oh, oh.
Ich dachte, ich wüsste, wie man sie benutzt. Aber nein, Frau Qan, aber nein! Alles ganz anders.
Schön, dass man damit immer so... kurrrrz vor der Prüfung kommen muss.
Okay, hätt mich auch ma eher auf'n Arsch setzen (und feststellen können, dass wohl doch nich alles so klappt) sollen, denn, obwohl ich seit Donnerstag kontinuierlich am Prügeln bin, fühl ich mich, als hätte ich noch nie Japanisch gehabt. Na gut, auch nich wahr.

Und dann sagt die mir auch heute noch, dass es ab nächstem Semester keine Gruppenteilung mehr gibt und der Kurs nur noch 13 Uhr stattfindet.
Ich sehe mein Anglistik-Wahlfach schon wieder in weite Ferne rücken. Ahaha. >_>"
Die Organisation hier is echt zum Schreien.

Noch ein lol:
Literaturbericht, den wir bis Sonntag abgeben sollten (obwohl es erst hieß, Mitte Juli) geht nun wohl doch in die Bewertung des gesamten Moduls ein und nicht, wie man uns erst sagte nur als "Prüfungsvorleistung" aka "Gemacht und halbwegs gudd, langt!"

Ich liebe mein Studium.. wirklich. :D

Na, ich geh jetzt meinen Vortrag fertig machen. Hoffentlich gibt's da wenigstens von lovely Ronny Pluspunkte, weil ich die Autorin höchstselbst interviewte. Dass ich Kopfaua habe und es schon wieder viel zu warm ist, lass ich ma außen vor.
*Jammer Jammer Jammer*
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 Him being single again. And he seems to think that the fact of you being single, too, assures any advantages. Although he doesn't know it. No, thanks, bye, the 1st.

Watching a film together could be a problem. Old Boy seemed not to consist of any invitations for leaning over, slightly touching thighs, at least for me. "Since you don't seem to notice: I am no arm-rest, thank you very much", the 2nd.

Preparing him for leaving... 15 minutes later he still is there, lying on your bed as if you would've said something like: "Sex? YES, wait, I'll strip for you. Watch me, pls." NOT, the 3rd.

The comment: "Could you shut the window, please? It's getting cold." - "Yes, that's the way it is and ringring it's also the time for you to pack your shit and leave." - "Ooooh... *pout*" - "Get off! Fucker or I'll kick your ass!", the 4th

The process of leaving takes another ten minutes. At the door you hear the following: "Aw, next time you'll have to pick a film and then we will watch it at my place!" - "Yeah, of course, I will pick one... not. Bye, bye *waves*" I hope we will never meet again, the 5th.

Oh em gee! And I was naive enough to think it could be a cool evening, because he KNOWS (or at least should know) that I have no interest in him. Who dumped you, hm? >___> At the last party we met, everything seemed to be chilled and relaxed and there was no bloody sign for ... for this. @__@
Anyway: If you're clever, you don't do such a thing ever again.

Have a good night, dudes.

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Yo, decided to go to Lauchhammer today with the aim to attend two friends' birthday party. Hoho.

The moving went quite good, all my stuff arrived safely in the new flat. It's still a chaos, but I do not know anything else, so it's no problem.
Next friday, finally, my internet and phone connection shall be activated. I hope everything will work.
Your nerd-Qan is on internet withdrawal, which sucks a lot. xD"

Yeah.. what to say? Concerning cosplay everything's cool, aside from the fact that my sewing machine is kinda broken. AHAHA! I borrowed Alex' and have to finish all sewing stuff till Tuesday, because she needs her machine back. Aaaah why, oh why does this happen to meee?
Furthermore I had to make Sasuke's overall a two-piece, because I was just not able to make an overall-pattern that fitted the shape of my body. I blame the fabrics, not my body, though. XD""
Gnah. Today I will make the headbands and then go to the party of Tina and Robin.. and well after the awakening from the expected party-death I will go back to Leipzig and continue sewing-work there.
Not that I could've avoided it by starting the sewing right after making the plans last October... or even earlier XD;;

Just one last random fact:
Mommy told my that there was a report on Galileo about Visual Kei and stuff.. and OHMYGAWD!
I remembered that the Pro7-crew filmed on the Kö-Vit I attended in January... I did my best to hide from the cameras, but, well... I failed. Ahahaha... there you go Qan.. one time attending a little con in Cologne and swoooosh you're on TV. oh noez!

Oookay, that should be all for now. I'm going to cuddle my pets and tinker a little.
See ya.. hopefully in RL at the LBM next weekend and on the interneeeeetzzzz after that. Hoho!

PS. I started watching ouran koukou hosuto bu --- hrm fack in Kanji this looks way better xD; 桜蘭高校ホスト部 HAR! uhm, well and it's cool... kinda. I so want to see Tamaki and Haruhi getting finally together. Nyaaa~~
But uhm... you guys know, that I don't have anything against boys' love bla... ahaha noo not me.. but I CAN'T STAND THIS FAKKIN TWINCEST SHIT! xDDD and also the girls' screaming about Mitsukuni and Takashi >___>

Hihi.. but I like this best friends-attitude from the twins towards Haruhi <3~
Ah.. and I hope that Hikaru won't fall in love with her.. because.. because... aaah I donnu, but Tamaki is just so... fitting for her?! But Hikaru is cool, too. And could be cute if he gets his ass up and starts being nice... CRISIS!!! XD
I donnu which pairing I should worship. DAMN! serious problems, you guys... hmmm but since I'm going for the blonds nevertheless it HAS to be Tamaki. So.. go, go だんな!

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mnaaaaaaaaaaah *whines bitterly*

Being ill sucks!
Being ill when mommy's not around sucks even more.
Daaaamn what would I give for a mommy made chicken soup right now?
I have one instant blah right in front of me, but let's be honest, this is NOTHING in comparison to mommy's selfmade super "I will heal you" soup!

I wanna have a Hinata around to take care of me, PLZ!
Or a Naruto... which would be way more awesome... kinda. plz ignore me, I'm in a fever delirium or something *pretends*


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